Monday, March 8, 2010

sensei's no ai ♥

I can't tell much I love my sensei! despite her being...scary. hahahah she is not scary but she has a fixed view on certain things. so as long you are not particular then you will definitely love her to bits and pieces cause she's crazy like that! :D Honestly...she invites us to her home to drink beer, willingly follows us out for food and ironically SHE's the one who recommends where to eat Bakuteh and Dim Sum-_- She's Malaysian at heart. Her Japanese root has flew away-_- ironically x2, cause I suck with roads, SHE's the one telling me how to go to the place!-_- WALAO-EH! too much man! my malaysian status has degraded to god knows where aih*

This time around she had an english test she had to take (it's for her teaching license....did not know to teach Japanese you gotta keep up your english as well O_O and honestly, the paper wasn't easy peasy-_- i myself not sure if I can get an A even if I sat for the paper after looking at the samples). So we reversed roles, she was the student. Steph ...just Steph was the teacher. I was trying not to make things difficult LOL! I know english doesn't mean I can teach and doesn't mean I know the terms okay. What if cause of me, she fails the test?! not letting that happen!

Chirashizushi! Honestly when I first saw this on the table. I was like ??? and decided just to take a lil bit cause I don't really like rice anyway. WORST MISTAKE EVER. cause I ended up getting an extra serving twice! and sensei even gave me the leftover to bring home cause I was praising it to the sky and it tasted like it dropped from heaven although to her was like a "children also can make" dish. LOL just when i thought i would have a good hearty brunch the next day, my parents ate it as supper and even asked me where to buy again-_- LOL!
Tofu salad that surprisingly tasted good even though I can see it with my own eyes what was inside-_- what is this sorcery!? everything that my sensei cooked was damn good! She did not even bother to do much! she said it was just last minute cooking. meh! sensei teach me!!! if people with green thumb is good with plants, she must have some golden thumb for food then.
some potato thing which ar....i was eating non stop too. HAHAHA i think she got a shock to see me eat so much cause she knows i usually don't really eat that much and straight go for dessert. but everything was sooooo gooodddddd. it was unbelievable! -_- and i also found out why half the japanese are so slim/thin/lean cause all they do is take 3 bites of whatever is on the table. 3 SMALL bites and drown everything in beer!




cause my beer was on auto refill! until I dare not touch it! dammit.
I think this one night covers my one year supply of beer drinking *burp*

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