Wednesday, March 17, 2010

those were the days

sitting at the futsal bleachers brings back memories.
the last time i sat at the bleachers accompanying my girlfriends while they watch their boyfriends play was 10 years ago.
never thought i would suddenly do it today.

reminds me i don't know why the guys like to ask me keep/take care of their stuffs while they play-_-
be it their wallet, keys, phone, accessories, water bottle...anything.
the amazing part is all of them allow/don't mind me going through the contents in their wallet O_o

and that is how i manage to dig out a love letter that was written by one of the guys to my long time close girlfriend....laughs* me accidentally seeing it wasn't the problem. the problem was the recipient aka my girlfriend was sitting next to me reading the letter together until we reached the end of it, written in neat handwriting.

her name.

hahahha :D

well, sitting at bleachers reminded me of my fear too
the ball.
somehow the ball..usually football somehow has a way to accidentally come to me and many times almost resolve in accidents.
T_T dowannnnnn

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