Thursday, April 15, 2010

bulat's blood is not O, how come?!

keke* Copy Paste Blogpost!
well at least now got something bout me not round de. my blood group. mieh.
went all the way to God knows where for donation (for good causes and can cleanse blood why not?) just to find out i cannot donate cause i ate antibiotics. T_T
damn bodo.
wasted pocky's fuel T_T

meet pocky's blood:D can guess his blood type? he is very proud cause this blood type is apparently friendly people have one. *CEH* and the best cause it's a "universal donator" so also means unselfish *CEH*!


he finished filling up the packet in 5 minutes! i feel very abnormal speed...hahaha-_- the last time i donated (which was super long ago) seems to feel forever. but then again, my blood super pekat hard to pump out....*ah-hm* pekat blood is due to lack of exercise *cough* and too much oily food *coughcough*

after donating must eat! :D the best part of donating blood. a freaking good reason just to eat anything you want! :D 4 bolas make friend with pocky's tummy edy-_-
and only 1 bola out of 4 got nose-_-!!

this bola crying....pocky made him cry de T_T wuwuw~ (see got hair one this one-_-! )
and funnily, i feel looks like him hahahahahahaha :D

the end!!

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