Thursday, December 30, 2010


Birthday + Christmas
the merged word doesn't sound nice but the festives were good!
both of 'em
(pada'hal birthday and christmas are 25 days apart but it feels like it's merged with all the decos up early! :D yay)

The highlights would be :

i cannot (i can but lazy) count how many i had this year. friends buy. mom buy. I buy. pocky buy. since i'm a dessert fanatic, i can be a total a** if the dessert sucks but thankfully this year all rocked :D not like they all dropped from heaven (okay maybe some really tasted like heaven. yay!) but the fact that i know how much effort was gone into getting the best there is for me, i am truly grateful.
not so grateful that i prolly killed my sugar level that weekend cause i finished clean whatever desserts that was in the fridge. esp. whatever i bought. i bought more to share, mana tau everyone ask me to eat cause it's my birthday-_-

HAJIME! :D yay!
japanese rocks me socks (although i don't wear socks) anytime! :D:D *smilesmilesmile*
esp. good ones T_T!! nuoooo* comes with heavy price tag but comes with an equally satisfying tummy. look how happy pootchi is :D really looks like a buffet for him~ kakaka

of course must thank ah pek for putting effort in everything he did. knowing how lazy and cincai he can get (esp. judging from previous birthdays uh-hm*) this year he really gave 101% *seksek*
of course to everyone else who put effort in too for every other thing. you guys know what you all did la or didn't do wahaha (wah i so bad):D

i think one of the bestbest-est christmas present i bought (or sharedT_T ...shared not even half ceh) for this year :D super cute despite everyone who said it was ugly. SUPER REGRET i did not get one for myself T_T cause it is sold out everywhere now inc. display sets. sigh* budgetlar. budget some more sniff* T_T

but prolly this is also the year i felt like i spent a lot on presents. almost everyone i knew got one. cause they each deserve something for being someone in my life :)
(although got some did not get to give cause did not manage to hunt T_T compensated with food pulak. yes, yes i still 'pin sam' cause my girlfriends are really more important and they did muchmuch more and all with an open heart)

and what's xmas without taking pictures with the deco?! :D
managed to see quite a lot this year although no photos of all T_T
but is okay. me still a happy lil girl!! :D

2011 MALI LA!

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