Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Canoodling @ bangsar village II

have always wanted to try the place cause of the wonderful deco from the outside itself:)what to do. i'm superficial. hahaha~

finally a chance came when by chance i was at BVII with mom and with mom she basically ALL IN for anything new~ yay me!

the place was mainly yellow theme in a glance (see menu) with neat and clean settings and with the wonderful hanging table lamps at one end of the cafe/restaurant must have captured many people's eyes. hahaha esp. my mom.

"rice-taurant" menu is on the right. next to canoodling and opened by the same group. (uh*hm, the group that runs 'plan b', '', 't42' etc.)

the interesting part (to me, other then the wonderful yellow colour utensils used) was the blank piece of white paper used as 'tablecloth' cause it is used to doodle all you want. laughs* my table next door had 2 kids happily doodling away. good way to distract the kids from making noise or having something to do while waiting for the food. i rather see kids draw and stick their noses into their latest ipad/itouch-_- it's like the world around them suddenly disappears. bah.

the only other place that i remember having this was Avanti at Sunway Resort. went there 3 years? ago for christmas *laughs* going with a bunch of art students meant a paper full of rubbish drawings by the time we were done with the lunch buffet.

some seafood mee if i wasn't wrong. simple meehoon is what i feel, taste like ham choy soup. nothing to shout about but the soup was salty enough for thought it was overpowering. well, all the more for me then! :P
rojak! surprisingly this was really not bad. laughs* polished it off. lose to some roadside SS2 pasar malam rojak that i ate last monday but for a restaurant standard i think it's really not bad. mom loved it and she was surprised to see tauge inside hahaha

for the environment, i think price wise (around rm10-ish) is still fine. but if i were to go back though, would try the more exotic dishes they had on the right side of the menu! some peanut butter sauce mee! laughs* mom REFUSED to take it. hahaha

2F29, Second Floor, Bangsar Village II
No. 1 Jalan Telawi Satu
Bangsar Baru,
59100 Kuala Lumpur.
Telephone: +603-2287 1566
Opening hours: 12noon- 10pm daily

tiramisu at Espressamente Illy, Bangsar Village I.
right at the bridge between BVI and II, brought mom there cause a friend ooh-ed and aah-ed over the coffee they served. hahaha well, it IS illy. definitely can't go much wrong with that!

for a non coffee drinker (coming from a family that drinks coffee religiously, funny that i don't-_- i do drink BLACK coffee though, no sugar nor milk. but that's like really rare) i present you their tiramisu priced at rm14, it was not bad but there was no kahlua taste and tons of coffee used to sub it. kuakuakua. but overall, it wasn't bad but i doubt i will pay rm14 for it as my mom makes better tiramisu! WITH enough kahlua. (the alcohol used when making tiramisu)

mom took the caffe latte, which she happily polished off and no complains in between. (very good sign haha you should see her complain once bout bad coffee) priced at rm10.

total was supposed to be rm14 exc tax. but at tea time, (was there around 3-ish?) a slice of cake and coffee, both at your choice is at rm18 exc tax.

spent the afternoon gossiping with mom. yes, we exchange gossips. laughs* her friends and mine. not every nitty gritty detail but enough to know what's going on in each other's circle of friends. despite how much i can't stand my mom sometimes and the amount of "arguements" we have, moments like these i know i should treasure it and yes, it is a love but beh tahan relationship with my mom. laughs*

Espressamente Illy
Address: Lot F-12 & F-13A First Floor, Bangsar Village I, K. Lumpur.
Tel: + 603 2287 7078

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