Tuesday, January 11, 2011

oh my baby!

not mine but still..
hahaha :D
seriously, babies have magical powers
they make you forget everything and the world seems like a better place (with flowers and hope around) hahaha~

kaima sylvia giving baby gen kisses ~
haha don't know how many million kisses a baby receives on normal basis!
esp. from their own mom (hor Koh Ping :D)
baby gen i wan kiskis! T_T

baby gen stick to kaima only. no paopao to people she don't recognize. so me and pocky T_T
have to do extra work to earn her trust and love...T_T hahaha
1st step : play peek-a-boo~!

keke! nice picture (cause i take wan! haha)
i like this picture soso much! such a loving picture~
i think if got money, mothers should have a photography session with their babies like how ppl have their pre-wedding shots:)

30 years down the road, you may/or may not love your hubby as much as before but with that same amount of years, you will still love your children. so more worth to do a photoshoot with your baby then loukong :P

ahpek pocky conned baby gen lorh!
he was teasing her with toys and when she was getting nearer, crawling to get the toys that he hid from her, he SUDDENLY picked her up and placed her on his lap! O_o
see her shocked/WTF look hahahahhahahaha
she nice enough not to bite him!
we have to teach her edy. 8 months got teeth jor!

bulat putting a "show" for baby gen.
i think almost everything also we do edy.
all kinds of actions, all kinds of toy, all kinds of reactions, all kinds of sound.

beh tahan so cute
maciam the kena bully look. the things that all of us were doing just to get a decent shot and to show how bodo the mickey toy look (pocky say wan! i thought look cuteleh! baby toy is like that de ma)

and baby gen's speciality is ......DROOLING.
hahahhaahhahaha :D
and for an 8 month old, she can hold her biscuit, pull kaima's necklace(which my mom say is common cause they are learning so they usually will grab anything) AND stand.
she veryvery keng edy!! O_o

the next time we gonna visit, i am sure she's gonna be running around laughs*
and it just feels like yesterday me and sylvia went to witness Koh Ping's ROM. time really flies. it's scary hahaha

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