Saturday, October 22, 2011


Obviously, mine is a different kind! :P heheheh* Not surprising huh?? Audrey still can't believe The Starbucks tub was gone before she could even reach home after dropping me off. LOL :P Told you one tub is never enough for my family. Or maybe just mom and me...*shy* 

Bought by random at Cold Storage, Giza. Ohmaigoose. Really tasted like Ferrero Rocher! O_O If it's like this, might as well I get a tub instead of the actual chocolate. Cheaper! and I never expected the Vanilla to taste as good as the ones in Haagen.

Haagen Promotion! We bought few more the next day but too lazy to take photos hurhur* If people's blood is alchohol, mine is obviously ice-cream. I think I practically finished the whole Blue Bunny tub myself! So addictive-_- okay. pretend you did  not see that.

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