Sunday, November 20, 2011

birthday came super early

jynn was being a good samaritan by guiding ms.57 the directions to come to the cafe. but the rest of us just took advantage of it *laughs*

it was a bad start in regards to this meet up 3 days back. i am veryveryvery glad and relieved that everything turned out super well and everyone was enjoying the moment:)

i laughed so loud and hard, my jaws were aching, my tummy was dying and worse of all, my pee was gonna come out-_-

"omg. i can't remember the last time i laughed like this!"
"omg. bulat! that was just last week when we were at cameron!"

yahor. *paiseh*

laughs* age is definitely catching up with me and the day is not even here yet!

thick skin-ly though, i unwrapped both presents already on the spot:P
not surprisingly both were books. last year, i received books from them (and others) as well. ironically people love to buy books for me. i don't mind as i reallyreally love books but sometimes, i wish to see something else under the wrapping instead.

though, i shall not say that out loud. cause the last time i said "no books please!"
i had all sort of random things from everyone and i almost had to stab myself.
so yea, be careful for what you wish for :P

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