Saturday, November 19, 2011

Hello there sunburn!

after 2 and 1/2 days of the photoshoot, i am happy to announce that...i am aliveeeee T_T *throws chocolates all around*

*uploaded posts regarding the photoshoot and what-nots with actual dates for it. trackback if you also wanna kepo :P*

although in cameron it was a full 48 hours on the go for the shoot, it wasn't as tiring as the extra half a day shooting back down here at bkt. jalil park. omg. heat can really kill people esp me-_- the amount of sunblock i slapped on myself could no good at all. (either the sun was a vicious one or the sunblock can masuk tong sampah edy-_-)
the moment i took off my shirt in the bathroom, there it was in full glory-_-


wahlao-eh!!! i din't even get this burnt in Koh Samui nor Langkawi! *argh*

so the biggest present that we gave to the soon-to-be's isn't the photoshoot with all our sweat and sleep loss, it's our sunburn-_- hahahaha (i will KILL the next person who said that i have turned BLACK, hello! go check your colour pencils can?! or fine, just look at your smartphones since 90% of them are originally black in colour anyway)

that aside, every moment was worth it. it has been a longlong time since the sakais have spent time together like this. (other then the yearly birthday meet ups) plus it was consecutively for many days for pre-photoshoot meetings, prop huntings and for the photoshoot itself. i am also thankful that my ah pek did not make noise considering i have only been meeting him once a week and that pakto session usually doesn't exceed 3 hours. hahah :P

the topic during our pakto? me going on and on and on bout the photoshoot *laughs*
forcing him to view the effing small photos on my dinosaur age camera :D

although i took a grand total of 500+ photos during this whole time (see what kind kooli *slave* i am? hahaha obviously one that din't help much...ermm...shh :P)

everyone said "bulat! no photos up arh!"


"if you upload now, no surprise edy."

-_- 500 photos...are gonna be like my panties. not for show-_- mehhhh mehhhh mehhhhh. seriously beh tong.

next thing i knew, they were raping my dinosaur camera, critiquing my photos, asking me to change my dinosaur camera, update my skills/angling and forcing me to delete any photos that they don't look nice in-_- my sakais!!!! you all say cannot put up, then what's the point you all ber-kan cheong like this?! *ROAR*

anyway, it boiled down to "any photo that showed any hint of the theme, can't be put up!"

and that's like 99.999% of the many photos i have taken..gao meng.

but you know, logically speaking, my previous post was quite obvious leh. plus friends who read this blog already know the theme (no thnks to my big mouth *laughs*) and the sakais do not read my blog! so no harm right??


cause they are scary like that O_o

but :P
they DID say cannot upload to Facebook. Not blog also.

*left to right*
meet le'sexy art director (we had 4! so to say :P)
boob queen who was in charged mainly for make-up cause her biggest fear is balloons and they were floating all over, every single moment. i am so proud of her for surviving this!:)
photographer's half. her name is wait till i intro the photographer's name hahah she's super petite and cute. you will never be able to guess her age. we all felt like GIANTS standing next to her. too much wei!
lastly, the bulat who was in charged of any lapsap thing that you can possibly think of (carry stuff, bring stuff, wipe couple's sweat, become dayang-dayang to fan the couple, laugh at on going lame jokes....). preferably not handling anything fragile...and most of the time she's taking useless shots. so basically i was a very bad kooli hahahah :P *ops*

this is the proof of malaysian weather. not like i need to prove my point on regards of our weather anyway-_- we started at 7am, finished at around 1pm. by lunch time, i was zoning out completely. like i was on another planet with a different name.

ms.knocknock, am not here anymore.

yes, my job was to pick up those tissues lying on the floor..haha-_-

oh hai! this is wang. he is the photographer. he is an art director in boob queen's co. i took many photos of his butt! :D and we are all super blessed to have him because our original photographer couldn't make it at the veryvery last minute. wang is like....i don't know. some kind of new species superhero! he climbs, he jumps, he crawls, he does anything and everything to get the perfect angle and shoot. i am seriously awed by his passion and energy. his shirt starts out white, by the end of the day, it looks like he fell into a dung hole-_-!! the rest of us who din't do much to begin with (comparatively to him larh) was looking more dead then he was. how can?! he's much older summore! as old as my ah pek! but my ah pek definitely acts like a dinosaur compare to wang HAHAHAHAHA :P's other half's name is cat right?
his name pulak is wang....
dog punya sound leh LOL!!

this suits them perfectly. *laughed* so cuteee. beh tahannnn.
they are really really nice people.
i remember my friend once said "everyone you meet in life is fate. even if it's just someone you pass by while walking in 1U. each and every one of them definitely has some kind of connection with you in your past life. depending on how strong it is only."

wang i first met him when i was waiting for boob queen to finish her meeting at her office. since it's an advertising agency and it was the weekend. i was sitting there seeing how they do things, churn ideas and basically get to see how her company people bully one another. wang was coincidentally one of them at the meeting. it was funny to see them bully him, plucking his hairy leg hair and the girls forcing him to pluck their armpit hair-_- (people who wanna go insane, pls go into advertising. sure stay young laughs*)

never would i ever imagine, 2 weeks later i would be seeing him again and spending time together like this with the sakai group.

cat who was taking picture of the child pose-_- laughs*
but of course, the sakais won't be so nice to say "look! it's child pose!"
instead they said "oh look! MAGGOT!"

kill me please.

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