Monday, November 14, 2011

UP theme pre-wedding photoshoot : Day 2

Groom getting ready for the day. (the rest of us trying to get over our panda eyes) *laughs* We paid 3 breakfast buffet pax but shared the food amongst 9 people. Am surprised it was allowed? Cause the staffs there practically saw us doing it. Don't know how it was discussed over by ms.Ong but...yay? :D

Bought some flowers at the roadside even though it wasn't necessary for the theme. Wasn't a good season for flowers as weather was wet and rainy. And I will never forget the big ass centipede that I saw. Practically scared everyone that was there at the flower stall except ms.Chan-_- she thinks I have been watching too much cartoon after I describe it's size. bah!

Bride suffered quite a lot from the constant heels on day 1. hahahahah. taking a break on it on day 2. Furthermore she forgot to bring proper "sandals", so Flipper it is.

Wasn't easy to 'tame' the balloons. They are as unpredictable as the weather-_- so they had to come up with some 'interesting' poses that surprisingly works! Lameness rules every single time :D Keh-leh-fehs (aka the rest of us) had to blow and tie the balloons to refill the bunch that once in a while one will escape like dandelions.
Art director 1 & 2 doing their work. I have never been to an actual photoshoot nor seen how an actual wedding photographer does their thing. But I am gonna salute wang over and over again. And his girlfriend/assistant that goes to the ends of the world for us as well. T_T aiyo... gam dong.

 Until the rest of us were starting to think we were underpaying them-_- Discussing how much more to add on while fitting to our budget....doing it in sign language cause it was actually right next to Wang while he was shooting.*laughs*
Ms.Ong goofing around cause there was nothing much to do once shooting starts. On and off we had to shift the props cause it was raining. Then it was not. Mother Nature was playing pranks on us T_T she must be feeling fun seeing us shift props in and out. Esp the house that is the main prop and not easy to shift at all.

 Constant shifting resulted to losing the rooster weather vane that was on the roof of the house-_- Treasure Hunt Contestant no.1!

Treasure Hunt Contestant no.2! While they were really seriously looking and worrying bout it.....

Contestant no.3 fooled around with the umbrella instead....feeling like mary poppins and irritating everyone with my bad lyrics and off tune singing*shy* It was found in the asking everyone if they saw it and ms.Lyn said she actually have kept it in the toolbox for safekeeping....LOL. -_- treasure hunt dismissed!

....poor ms.Lyn. Usually in shopping centers, even if there's a kid holding a single balloon she would be farfar away or clinging for her dear life to whomever is near her and she specifically told me in super advance time NOT to have any balloons in my wedding cause she knows how much I love them...just to have ms.prawn announce an UP theme pre-wedding photoshoot that she can't run from. laughs*

Taking shelter from the temperamental weather. We were making so much noise too that we constantly had to hush each other ....hahahhaha so silly. we made the noise, but we are also the ones that hushed each other-_-

On the way home we used a different route from the way we went up cause the Jagung man from the night market told us this route was better. In actual fact it was almost double the length and it was raining heavily. Not helping that half the roads were dark and those in horror movies where suddenly some figure usually appears out of nowhere or at the back of the car seat T_T ms.Prawn said she would personally whack the jagung man if she ever sees him next time for teaching us this road. I would rather he gives us a whole sack of free jagung.

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