Wednesday, December 7, 2011

It will all come back one day

Step 1. Facial wash
Step 2. Some pre-moisturizer
Step 3. Toner
Step 4. Pore serum
Step 5. Eye cream
Step 6. Moisturizer
Step 7. Pimple cream

On sundays
Step 1.5. Scrub
Step 3.5. Mask

I never thought that one day, a tomboy like me. One who wore baggy shirts with the brand 'alien workshop' splashed across in the biggest font and logo available and pants that should never see the light, would actually religiously do all of the 7 steps above, twice a day like it was natural.

Everyone who knew me could easily testify that I was definitely a tomboy. I never owned any skirt till I was in college where my friends bought me one as my birthday present and that remained as my only skirt throughout college. I only wore skirts when I had absolutely no choice and even so, wearing them was like a death sentence to me.

Funny enough, when I was young, I was always dressed in laces, frills and mainly; in pink. All shades of pink. I can tell you from the bottom of my heart, I loved my pink frilly lace dresses with my matching pink shoes and white frilly socks (I think these socks were famous back then, not sure what kids are wearing nowadays hahah) Heck, I recalled being super upset when my kaima bought a dress for me but I was too fat to fit it (sigh!) but I diedie also say can fit till my mom forced it out of me and gave it to someone who .... has less fats, bluntly saying -_-

I loved being a girl. Although it has been Godzilla years, I still do remember taking moms lipsticks and trying each and every one she had. Mom also loved reminding me how I would do more than that, which is to actually colour my face with whatever I could take from her makeup kit and walk around the house with her high heels. She also says one day she will have a chat with me on how much make up I owe her and I can pay her back by installment plan-_- she says I ruined her lipsticks the most. I always seem not twist it back before covering it. Sigh* stupid since young watheblueberrycake.

So it's funny. Being such a girly girl, I did a 180 degree change as I was growing up. Now after so many years, I am slowly becoming whom i was when
I was a young girl. I can't say I own any pink, frilled ones but I can safely say I love my dresses. No heels yet. But I'm sure that will come some day, naturally.

The lil girl who always played dress up with moms clothes in moms room is not lost after all, she has always been inside me, hidden all these while.

Welcome back:)