Sunday, December 4, 2011

Marmalade @ Publika

 1. drove all the way to Publika for Marmalade. I laughed when I saw the signboard cause ah pek was saying he is gonna surprise me with a new cafe voucher he bought, but Marmalade has been here forever in Bangsar which he did not know existed.

2. the Last Polka selling at Marmalade. Sincerely, although there are many Last Polka ice-cream lovers out there, it feels like somewhat eating "Diet Ice-Cream". Lack of that Oomph that other fatty, not healthy ice-cream out there has.

3 & 4. Aglio Olio and Club Sandwich which surprisingly tasted damn good. The last time I ate at the Bangsar branch. Nothing was up to par and the carrot cake was one of the worst I have ever eaten after hearing a lady gushing over it over the counter when I was deciding which cake to order. Worst decision.

5. Salted Caramel Choc Cake cause I cannot not have dessert after meals. Redeemed whatever bad points Marmalade had from the bad Carrot Cake. Tasted better than what I expected. Made me miss the Salt Ice-Cream I had back in Japan again.

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