Friday, December 23, 2011

Tang Yuen 湯圓

My mom's fav time of the year cause she will not fail to bring up the story of the young me playing while making tang yuen. She says the amazing part was i made all kinds of shapes and declare it would be some kind of animal when it wasn't even near it. Loudly proclaiming why these plasticins can be eaten while the school ones can't.

Dammit. she made me sound stupid even as a young child. hahahaha T_T

i still love making tang yuens because...mine always damn round! :P my one and only skill that i am proud to show off LOL* must be all those years of helping my mom make pineapple tarts. this year she brought home yellow.....which i thought was weirddddddd till i saw on FB someone posted a blue one LOL! gimme traditional colours anytime please.
i think another reason mom still does it other then the fact that eating it brings / symbolizes family togetherness is cause if i know we are making it, i will be home to do it too. (means i won't go out that particular night pifts*) baby brother doesn't care anymore though :( he only looks forward to critiquing the taste of it next day..-_- our house can't even finish 500gms of it. grandma was saying she and my younger cousins made 3KG worth of tang yuens-_- whathefullofroundstufflor i can imagine the kids screaming and playing LOL.

Finding sesame ones to me are like jackpot! But they always say eat one tang yuen ball means 1 year older and wiser! ...Not fun leh! i wanna eat a lot of sesame balls! my mom literally count how many balls i take and add on to my already aging age! makes it worse that BIG ONES ARE 2 YEARS EXTRA -_-!! aging works but the wise thing definitely doesn't.. bah.

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