Thursday, March 15, 2012

Till we meet again

Clockwise; from top:
Beef Stew Rice     RM22.90
Fish & Chips         RM18.90
Cheese Omelette   RM 5.90
Never failed to sapu everything. *laughs*
Wonder if the boss recognizes us after going there once a week for 3 weeks consecutively.
The amount of chops we collected at the speed of light! Suddenly, we had three RM5 vouchers in hand.

The Strawberry Roll that I really love. Can fight with Patisserie Rui's. There is just something bout strawberries and creammmmm~The very "kao" cheesecake coated with hardened caramel is worth a try as well. Not to mention, their cream filled bread:D yummmmmmmlahhhssss. Actually, wonder if anyone knows, you can actually get their bread at nearby Shojikiya stores. But gotta eat it asap, since they don't last more then 48 hours-_-!

And so far everyone who tried their Coffee (not sure which, but I assume it would be their signature Sumiyaki Coffee) loved it. My mom never really enjoyed Haikara as she's the kind of woman who has to have her Bento Sets in Japanese Restaurants, but Haikara doesn't go that way in terms of food. But she will gladly bunk into the roadtrip cause she wanna drink their coffee :)

Baby bro finished his physio...just in time for my wallet before it reallyyyy bleeds.
Can't wait to go back again (WTH. just went only zz!) and oh yea, hahahha I would advise making a trip during year end, around November-December-ish cause when I was there during my birthday. The cafe was filled with Japanese young GUYS part-timers. cute ones too! :P

Will never forget one of them who was effing shy and how Lynlyn always somehow "acciddentally ter-kacau him". laughsss*

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