Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Like Mother, Like Daughter

After chomping on Garett Popcorn with brother bear, (which is really yums! but omaigoose, what's with the price?? but me and brother bear watched a documentary once on what great lengths they do to choose the best corn to make good popcorns and yea....not easy at all) I asked him to proceed for dinner downstairs with me.

"Huh? Don't want la...."

"Huh?? Why ne? It's almost dinner time anyway!" *stares at 7.15pm clock*

"Eat sweet 'dy then cannot eat salty.. Gotta rest the tongue..."

At that moment, Mom came from behind, grabbed a bunch of popcorn and said,
"Yes meh? But it's like eat sweet 'dy, feel like eating salty. Then eat salty 'dy feel like eating sweet stuffs...you know? Isn't it like tat??"

"Yaya! Just like mummy said! Not meh??"

"..... Monsters-_-...Fat Monsters.."


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