Saturday, April 7, 2012

Anne's Day at La Gomera & DIB, Coffees of Hawaii

My lil Anne's birthday!!! She's prolly the only friend (for now) that I can proudly announce that our friendship is 20 years old!! (omg that is long right?? Feels damn long! In dog years that's 140 years!)
Seriously Anne? Your face never change after all these years lor!

Also prolly the first time I see the birthday girl buying the coupons for her own birthday meal-_- feels wrong in every way to me.
Bought La Gomera voucher from Groupon for four. So it comes up to RM19 per person. But because we had a total of 8 people, we added 2 paellas ala-carte and some drinks which came to a total of RM50.

In the morning when I was panicking looking at the map cause I wasn't sure where is it and I'm road dumb like that (not repeating the supposed 10 min road home became 1 hour journey back home story) someone please start painting the roads in different colour for different routes please! I called ms.Lyn for confirmation cause her workplace was around that area just to find out La Gomera is just opposite her office d'oh Bulat!!!! Blurrrrrr!!

"Btw why are you going there?"
"Oh! Celebrating Anne's birthday at La Gomera."
"What?? Why?? .... Bad?"
"Er... Okaylarh. But try to stay away from the salad I guess... Cause my whole company who went ended up having an intimate time with their own toilet bowl the very next day"
"....Why you tak cakap bout this restaurant geh? At least I know and won't go ba."
"Hahaha how I know you will go Leh ! It's so secluded . Am surprise you found it. Anyway people will recommend good restaurants laaaa, this is mediocre so I did not say anything lorh."

Some squid ink paella that made everyone's teeth turn black.
 True to every word. No, none of us had any toilet day. But the food was really mediocre (to me) In fact, right now when I look at the pictures I did not remember anything memorable other then the squid ink Paella cause char inn likes it. Would not recommend the place although I think it's okay for a first visit since the buffet price is cheap. RM49.90 for first person, second person half price. But am definitely not going back there again. Since I grow fat fast with every bite, better eat good food . Don't waste my calories :P (spoilt nyer)

Birthday girl with her cute birthday cake. Seems like the trend nowadays is the smaller the better , price does not matter. Gone were the days where people buy big ass secret recipe cakes and force everyone to bring some home and yes, yours truly ate like 2 huge chunks-_- Did you know if guys like sweet stuffs means they are generous people? However, if they have a liking for sour...means they are...erm...careful with their money :P *mum's words of wisdom to her daughter in filtering guys hahahaha*

Eating with these sakais though. Never ever ends with one place. Next ting I knew we were at DIB (deaf in business) cafe. A cafe that serves coffee frm Hawaii, ran by deaf people (just maybe 1/2 are not deaf) and yes if I remember right, they are the ones that came up with the menu. From the coffees to the cakes.

I loveee the interior. Maybe it's the big ass Mural hahah I wished they had free hibiscus to tuck in our hair or Hawaiian wreaths (Lei) by the door to wear. Would have felt very Hawaiian and homely. Most of the patrons i saw were deaf. So most tables you can see people communicating in sign languages.

They encourage people to order By using simple sign languages. Yes the girl Mila in the pic is really one of their waitresses and she's veryvery sweet. For a moment during ordering, felt like I was in another 'country' cause it was a different language (Like how if you are in Paris/Japan and you no speak their linggo) in the end all I remember was the thank you gesture cause I was using it for everything. When they place the drinks , when I ask for the washroom etcetc. To order they have some button thing on the table, once pressed , some bracelet thing that the waitresses are wearing will buzz and they will attend to you.

Am not a coffee person so I stuck with my tea. Tisanes (Hawaiian Herbal Tea RM7) is served here. Flavours includes : Coffee Cherry, Hibiscus Raspberry, Jasmine Blossom Green Tea, Lavender, Lemongrass, Mamaki Ginger and Papaya Leaf Vanilla. Now that I am typing the list...I wonder why did I called for Ginger Tea when the others sound much more "exotic." hahaha Ginger tea was soso for me for I like my ginger tea strong . This was mild and could barely taste ginger. Lemongrass was better in terms of taste.

Latte was normal (am no coffee fan but family loves coffee so my tongue has been soiled by good coffees that they will ask me to drink a sip every time, anywhere ) but the freshly brewed coffee was not bad. Bittersweet, Audrey says. Guess would have to bring my mom for the final verdict .

Premium Freshly brewed Coffee RM10.50
Big Island of Hawaii, Molokai Island, Maui Island

It was good experience and would love to go back there to try their homemade coconut ice cream, cakes, pies and many other varieties of drinks. Not only coffee, but they have very interesting looking smoothies (from their names larh haha) Peeked at other tables too. Food looks appetizing. Helps that fish n chips were served on a fish shaped plate :D

Anne with her small birthday present that I got at the very last minute and randomly wrapped. It's fuchsia pink, shocked her when she was opening it halfway in the cafe, just to quickly stuff it back again :P

I wanna see Anne Jr. please hahahahahahahahahahaha :P the present should speed things up

DIB : Coffees Of Hawaii

11-A-1, Jalan PJU 8/5A,
Bandar Damansara Perdana,
47820 Petaking Jaya
Tel : 03-7710 4752 / 3152

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