Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Can never get sick of Daiso

I will never forget the first time I met Daiso. It was back in Japan year 2008. I really felt like a kid in a candy store (and more!! Do kids even enjoy candy stores nowadays with their faces buried in iPads??) and for that 30 minutes I spent God knows how much because 100yen is like RM1! When's RM3.40 (curse following tours!! 30 minutes is like effing short! But maybe I should be thankful for it haha)

Okay, it's worse now cause back here it's RM5 but I still sometimes pretend it's just actually, originally 100 yen....-_- the amount of stuffs that I have randomly bought frm Daiso throughout the years shall not be counted and I can't wait for a day when someone just tells me that my birthday gift is to let me buy whatever I want from Daiso, unlimited !! Woah!! My ah pek die also don't wanna give me that privilege :( *sad*

In fact every time there is a Daiso nearby, he holds my hands real tight T-T sad!! At least I don't go amok buying branded stuffs right?? (unless it's Zara..Topshop...*looks away*) and there is this one time, I attended a 'business' wedding at IOI mall...halfway through I excused myself to the toilet but actually I went into Daiso which was just nearby the the time I was done, they were tidying the table for dessert...*hides* sorry papa..:(

Was suppose to be studying and finishing my jap homework but I got distracted. Behold one of the best 100 yen spent :P
Damn happy. Almost forgot how much fun coloring books are. Am gonna force the ah pek to do it with me this weekend keke* wonder if they still sell those with girls whose eyes are big and shiny kind. Kinda miss those.

And dammit. Now I need to find my colour pencils!! roar*