Sunday, April 22, 2012

Kota Kemuning - Land of Round-a-bouts

ms.Chan and her emotions upon seeing an approaching round-a-bout :D
ms.chan was telling me the other day that Alice was admitted to prince court for some surgery and asked if I would like to tag along to visit her. Hahaha T-T in the end we took a grand total of 2 hours to actually reach her place. Ohmaigoose, 2 hours can go Melacca to eat chicken rice balls and Mille Crepe dy!! O_O The address was written as garden 33 and we were stuck at garden 31 for the longest time! Thinking naively that the next road for sure is 33 but it was not! It was just an effing big garden 31! I saw frm 31/71 ( something like that) till 31/167! That's insane!! We even stopped by a petrol station to ask for directions resulting to even the people there are not sure of the roads T-T wathepancake.

We were desperate and feeling effing lost being stuck in garden 31 for the longest time to a point ms.Chan wanted to go back. Hello' we jammed and got lost for 2 hours, not giving up !! Roar!! ms.Chan said die also she won't stay there. In fact she will pay you money not to ask her stay there hahahaha I on the other hand seriously thinks people who stay there have prolly have no friends-_- (not trying to be offensive but honestly how many people will drive all the way there?? No wonder this girl I met last time she said it was the biggest regret for her shifting there frm PJ)

We were telling Alice that we were lost and such. She felt bad and then proceed to tell us how to get back out in the simplest way. On the way there, google maps prolly gave the directions in 15 steps or so. (and countless additional random directions from guards at guardhouses) Alice gave us only 4 steps on how to get out and we got home in 30 minutes-_- zzzz she even passed us her GPS in case we got lost again but ... her gps prolly has laryngitis cause it doesn't effing or maybe her GPS is shy cause we are not her actual owner *shrugs*

Sometimes I have a feeling it's me. -_- ms.Chan hardly gets lost and has good 'tembak' (guessing) skills for roads. But somehow when I'm with her (only me and her,no one else is in the car) we always gets lost........ and I'm super famous for being lost-_- even in carparks. Gah! Am just happy I wasn't 'kap liu' during the journey *amen*amitabha*

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