Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Nestle in my heart

Everyone seems to have the memory of chasing a Milo truck or somewhat for the Milo. Honestly I have never seen a Milo truck till I was ...old enough to know not to run towards it and actually line up at the Milo truck. That did not stop me from lining up 3 times though! (Surprisingly my first time was at Urbanscapes. Not very nostalgic huh?) At one point I had a cup on each my hand. I decided to be 'kiasu' and drank all I could because I can't believe what I have been missin' out since the last decade or so!! Wathemilotastedamngoodleh.

Milo always trigger different kinds of memories for me. One of them was the times that I was sick. Being in a private school where food was provided for, you are obliged to finish your food and the teacher actually inspects your plate-_- meh. Food is only exchanged for Milo and biscuits when you are sick. The feeling of eating soggy biscuits.. Leaving it halfway through the Milo. Leaving it long enough for the biscuit to be soggy but not too soggy for it will break and fall into the Milo! And finishing up the Milo in one gulp later. I have always wondered why was it in a small cup. So unsatisfactory! I also can't count the amount of times I have lied that I wasn't well just to get those heavenly Milo with biscuits..ops* :P

Funnily it was the same at home. Milo was being made only when we are sick when half the people out there usually drink it in the morning as breakfast for energy , sometimes dunk with Kellogg's.(Let's not talk about how my brother and I would fight over Koko Krunch-_- it was WAR!) Whenever we are sick in bed, upon waking there would be a cup of warm Milo by our bedside. It was mom's way of showing love when we were young being away most of the time climbing the corporate ladder. Suddenly Milo wasn't just a lovely chocolate drink that I drank, it was like the magic medicine filled with love that cures it all.

As I grew older, Milo became a staple in diet. I found a whole new sinful way to eat it. By the spoonful out of the can. Words can't describe how awesome it is! Really! People nowadays must have known it too, with all the Milo dinosaur drinks going around at mamaks! The more awesome thing is to mix it with cold milk. Just dump a spoonful into cold milk, stir a 'lil and you will get a piece of heaven in your mouth....*_*

Milo practically works with anything! My dad drinks it with yoghurt every weekend without fail. (I KNOW!O_O I meant bout the yoghurt part) I can't for my life imagine if there would be no Milo one day. It's definitely a drink to be carried down more many more generations.

p.s// does anyone's grandma still keep their money in Milo tins?! I was shock to see my grandma still does!

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