Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Girls : Fickle

I think by now, I have live up to my name. It's obvious with all the carbs I have been eating so far shows why I am bulat and I love mee veryvery much. Actually I am surprised at myself that I can eat ramen for so many days in a row LOL Desserts 3x a day. normal but ramen like this?! O_O Never knew. Then again, people eat rice everyday and not get bored also right?! So I'm normal...Hmm...Now that I think of it, I think I can eat "ma lat pan mee" (spicy pan mee) everyday too! :P

And are you scared yet?! :D Another ramen post kakaka* It's like I have been deprived of ramen all my life just to suddenly *snap* Ohmaigoose. ramen actually tasted this good. gotta eateateat all back!! all my wasted years back! Oh, actually that was how ms.Chan was when she talked bout Gokuraku. Gokuraku will be having 50% off all their Large size ramen till end of May. Catch is only available on Mondays and Tuesdays. means the total will be even cheaper than the normal sized bowls one.

Pirikara Negi Char Siew

O_O Can I have loads and loads of this please!? Damn good.Although I felt the taste is already tweaked to suit malaysian tastebuds but whatever la. Eat first. :D

  Gokuraku Ramen

Actually....it baffles me this ramen broth. At first taste it did not taste that great. But as you eat on, the soup gradually got tastier-_- I don't know why! So weird! Tasted better with the chilli powder that was on the table. ms.Chan initially said one large ramen is enough cause the last time she could not even finish a normal bowl one. Surprisingly, we not only finished off this bowl of ramen. We weren't full and cause her cravings wasn't satisfied...

Spicy Tonkotsu Ramen

She ordered another large bowl.  LOL-_- It's the same for this too! At first sip, blardy spicy and the soup tasted kinda weird to me. But slowly as you eat on-_- it's good. I don't know how they do it and I can't seem to put my finger on what makes the soup spicy like this. Definitely not the normal chilli. Oh well, my job is to enjoy eating LOL :P Think no more then.

There were dons too and ms.Chan asked me

"Why do they sell dons?? Who the heck comes to a ramen shop to eat don?"
"Must have in case ba? It's like how Secret Recipe started as cakes but now selling food la."
"Come here must eat ramen la!"
 *talked about other random topics*
"Eh, how come ah? You always come Midvalley but you never knew this place?"
"Cause my ah pek is not a ramen fan? He won't purposely go eat ramen de la. What more one bowl is RM20++"
"Then he can order don la!"
...which brought her to instantly keep quiet after saying that LOL! now we know one of the reasons why they have dons :P

Actually when she came to pick me up, halfway to midvalley she said.

"eh, kap liu." (Feel like going toilet to erm...you know)

After eating all that ramen with soup down into our not so lil tummies.


"eh, haven't go toilet!"
"hahaha nvm, i also feel like going now."

On the way, we passed by Hush Puppies where a sale was going on. Next thing I knew, she was trying shoes, flats, heels of all kinds cause she initially needed on for her Europe trip anyway. I happily tried every other shoe there was in the shop while she took her own time deciding which shoe.

Like Shoe A has nice colour, but not so comfy. Shoe B is more comfy but what's with the design? Shoe C was perfect but it's heels! Then we will go on and on why this and that shoe. Why it's not practical, why it is. blahblahblahblah. It's like we were having a mini meeting in Hush Puppies and as if the deal involves 20,000 thousand dollars or something. LOL

After paying for the final decision (which indirectly I stopped her from buying the heels that she really wanted cause...how the heck you walk in heels during a 45 day Europe semi-backpacking trip?! Although I know many girls can but arh...don't la please) we said the same thing at the same time.

"Eh?! Not go toilet meh?!"


mana tau, on the way there we stopped by to look at an Optical shop and we spent also forever inside cause the frames were damn nice! of course, comes with super nice price tag. Honestly, when I bought my spects it was rm600 and I was @##$#@$@$%$%@#@ over the price. Now the FRAME ONLY is more than rm600. argh. Scary.

Next thing I knew, Midvalley announced that it was closing.

So, toilet just gotta wait till we go home..
So from today we both know that...our bladders are like....in GOD MODE-_-
I don't know bout her but mine must have been trained from all those movie sessions *laughs*

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