Saturday, May 19, 2012

Menya Musashi @ Isetan 1 Utama

Met up with my AA batteries today laughs*
Too bad the other is off to the states for her holiday cum work. If not it would be AAA batteries O_O
Only my name starts with an E geh T_T odd one out.

The night before Anne SMS-ed location of the meet up and what-nots. (which I never realized but without Audrey it's so hard to set a date! LOL all of us too "selamba" [laid back] already)

But of course, us just being us. Au Yong and me walked aimlessly in Isetan, contemplating which to eat cause we don't remember which restaurant Anne has set and everything there was jap. The last stop we went was Menya Musashi and got a shocked to see a queue outside. It's only 10.40am! O_O Why the heck is there a queue!? and it's long! That's like ....being in Disneyland O_O and LOL! Anne was in the queue!-_-

Next thing I know, we were deciding on the ramen. As usual, left the decisions to my AA batteries cause I am an indecisive person and if everyone were to wait for me,the queue is gonna be even longer. As you can see, the menu was filled with ramen but with slight differences such as, 3 pieces of cha shu only (LOL why char siew spelling is like that? I din't know!) or 2 pieces of chasu and 1 egg etcetc. See also I wanna faint. Plus three types of oil were offered. Like how lar?! I cannot. Someone please make decision please! But I like the fact that noodles are precise. Too bad it doesn't come with 0.5 serving :P

We were made to order at the counter itself once we were first in line and ushered to sit once there were seats.

Kuro Musashi Ramen RM26

When it first came, I got a shock of my life! What's with the oil! whatheohmygoose. (LOL although suddenly when I think of it, black soup ain't that normal too right?!) But I know Japanese are famous for their healthy diet so upon much Googling, I realized the oil is actually from bone marrow fats and collagen. So...yea, no harm done today.  laughs* Did not drink much of the soup although it's actually really tasty (could not get over the oil LOL) though I did see other patrons do so.(and many are Japanese, you can hear them excitedly talk while queuing) But OMG, can you see from the picture?! Is it obvious enough? The cha shu is like effing big! It's bigger than my palm! O_O Never ever seen such a huge cha shu! It was a lil tough but am all good with meat! yay! Egg was runny enough to me. Mee was a lil on the thick side but it's cooked to perfection. 

The best part is the bamboo shoots. I don't know why I always feel there is this kind of taste in bamboo shoots and I absolutely can't take it. Almost died when I was in China and every dish had bamboo shoots. BUT this, these bamboo shoots had non of those weird taste and I think I just saw an angel float above the bamboo shoots as I gladly, slowly but surely, started eating bits and bits of it all! O_O Cause I never thought bamboo shoots can taste this good !T_T hallelujah. Will gladly return just to eat the bamboo shoots LOL!

 Musashi Tsukemen  RM27

"Kon Lou Ramen".(Dry Ramen) Where you dip the ramen into the thick broth and slurp happily away. And that's what I really did LOL The broth was definitely thicker and tastier for this. Not to mention oilier and saltier. Though Anne said it was supposed to be so, so that when ramen is dipped into the broth, it would be coated nicely and with taste. Not meant for drinking but Au Yong didn't know and slurped a spoon in and almost died from it's strong taste. (not for the healthy freaks LOL) Preferred this although many people prefer the one in soup (as I scout around) But with such strong taste and oil, felt full/filled fast. Not sure at that point if the generous serving was a good or bad thing LOL*
 Chashu Gohan RM9

Braised pork don. The lady said that the portion would be small for this. Am definitely a small eater-_- This is more than enough to fill me up-_- Tasted better than I expected since this is a ramen shop. Kinda like "Lu Rou Fan" (braised pork rice). I know, what am I thinking, going into a ramen shop and ordering a don! But at least now I know, if I wanna eat ramen but my whoever tagging along doesn't want to. The don is just as good!

Gyoza was per normal to me and ice green tea does, does the trick in cleansing the mouth after eating. The mostmost interesting thing of Menya Musashi (other than kids having colourful bowls and cups when eating and the chefs yells after every made order) is the boss, Masterchef Yamaguchi. Which I excitedly told Anne and Au Yong that the samurai panting outside the shop is definitely modeled after him! He walks around the shop and out in his geta (clopclopclop*) You can't help but take a peek every.single.time because he looks so cool and there is just an aura about him. Maybe he's my type subconsciously, or maybe cause he looks like an anime character :D

Upon leaving the shop, Anne wanted a shot of him for her blog. We stood a good few minutes outside trying to get his photo through the wooden panels -_- We definitely looked like stalkers, not helping that her camera had a big ass lens. When he came out, I thick skinly ran to him and muttered in my most polite tone of "Sumimasen..."

Don't I look like a fan girl!? :D

Next thing I knew, he lead me to the front of his shop just to take the photo. Next to his samurai painting LOL T_T I felt bad I was taking up his time but extremely happy I got a shot with him. Okay, just sounded like a fan girl-_- After all the thank yous and what nots, I realized that I was stopping him when he was on his way to the washroom -_____________________________- 

ごめなさい!! O_O

Despite the oiliness that I wasn't used to , I will definitely be back to try the Chilli broth and of course, like a fan girl gush about the boss to my other friends LOL

Menya Musashi
Isetan One Utama
Lot G102, F101 & S101

(un-missable with the samurai painting and the queue)
p.s// Watched Imprint from the batch of DVDs I bought last Thursday. 6 people in the living room and one crazy, grotesque, horror film. By the end of the film, we were all half past dead. Minds were not in tact. Everyone was left with weird aftermath. but arh.....for the whole 60 minutes of it, the worst part was actually prolly around 5 minutes long and I missed it cause I suddenly had a tummy ache and was in the washroom LOL! :P

but I can hear everyone screaming screams of disgusts, pain and agony while I was inside (doing my business...hmm) LOL am definitely not watching it by myself just to catch what I have missed. And I Googled it just to find out it was one of the episodes of Masters of Horror and this was not even aired for it was too disturbing after it being toned down already (my gosh! means it was even worse before !) 

GREAT. me and my random buyings. LOL caused everyone great pains. oops* I know this is so totally not a good review of the movie but..yea. Those were my exact feelings. And omg, just ignore the storyline please. It's really random, I think just for the sake of the movie to con't on with it's "psychoness". Btw, gladly gladly will give away the DVD for free to anyone who enjoys or collects these kind of movies. Really, am being serious. Be my guest.


  1. Did you find the soup too salty? Heard many ppl saying that. I really need to go try it soon.

    1. Erm...the tsukemen(kon lou) soup is salty..but that wasn't for drinking anyways LOL did not know at first. the soup wasn't that salty to me, was more concerned over the layer of oil on top of it. LOL

  2. wah................ lets go there together sometime in the future :D