Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Nom all the Sushis!

How come no one seems to be collecting these. Not cute meh? Aren't all food with faces usually cute? :D It's originally eat 10 any colour plates and get one limited edition Sushi Zanmai handphone strap for free! 

Okay. Fine. Typo -_- It's handphone strap. Not keychain. But it can be used either way. right right??At first I did not think of collecting cause I was like howthesushiplates am I gonna eat 10 plates all by myself?! but I was with baby bro *uh-hm* the dustbin of the family so I thick skinly asked the waiter, "Can I see sample ah?"

Wanna collect but kiasu. LOL! Don't want later eat 10 plates then really not cute T_T how? waste my money nebermind. waste my calories! Cannot! The waiter kept his dangling from a Pendrive (See! not for handphone only lor!) in the fridge-_-  LORD KNOWS WHY HE KEPT HIS PENDRIVE IN THE FRIDGE. hurhur. now everyone knows at least one item in 1Utama's Sushi Zanmai's fridge. It was really cute! Then he added the next sentence.

"Oh. Now you just have to eat 5 plates and you can get it already : )" (adds smiley face cause he really smiled bigbig)


And that's how my でんき じしょ (Electronic Dictionary) now has a new friend (pet?) by her side and will never be lonely anymore whenever I pack her away in her bag. awhhhhhhs :D

Oh yea...talking bout it...I was calculating how much this keychain costs based on the sushi plates we ate...-_- cheapest is white plate rm1.80. Most expensive red plate rm6.80....we ate 5 red plates -_- so logically/mathematically speaking, this salmon keychain was almost rm40 inc tax O_O but if you were to eat 5 white plates, it would be rm10 inc tax. ohmygooose.

*heartache*stares at smiley salmon*smiley salmon smiling back at me*

okay. feel better now. LOL


  1. omg so cute! won't be back in kl till next month, i miss sushi zanmai alrdy D:

  2. hahahaha awhs, next month is coming fast! maybe can ask someone help you collect if you really want keke