Sunday, May 6, 2012

Pipit Wonderful Market 8

Purposely went all the way to Pipit Wonderful Market 8  (and elbowed through the crazy crowd, "people mountain, people sea") to just catch a glimpse of Evangelione's The Feast exhibition.

More photos after my dreaded Jap exam this Wednesday T_T kamsiah.
The super talented Evangelione behind these wonderfully made dolls. Her dolls are always on exhibitions all around the world! no playplay okay! Looking at her dolls always makes me wonder exactly what is going on in her mind. Kinda "Evangelione In her Own Wonderland." The dolls were being sold at around rm220 each and by the time I got into line (yes, a queue!) to see them, all the dolls were SOLD OUT-_-! meh. It was just around prolly an hour since Pipit started? And actually I wonder how she feels. Everyone snapping and fussing over her dolls. LOL. If me I would be silently saying, "don't touch that! don't go so near! be careful!!!! ROAR!" on and on at the back of my mind. Esp. people who were carrying big ass DSLRs. And ta-dah! One of the cameras actually hit the main antler doll and it fell! O_O Evangelione was calm but I was certainly not. LOL! If those were my handmade dolls, I would have fainted.

The place was so crowded and it was extremely hard to take photos without having people in the background-_- doesn't help that my Sony is on PMS mode. I don't know why but each of her dolls seem to have a character of their own. very subtle but visible if you....erm...stare long enough and put a lil imagination, i guess. LOL! The apple girl seems to be saying, "Can I eat my apple now?" But if you take her from a different angle, it looks like she's asking "Do you want a bite of this apple ?" LOL role playing for them-_- syiok sendiri la me.

Bought these! Dammit. Not supposed to buy anymore deco stuffs but these were so cute! T_T It felt like I was choosing my own pet in a pet shop! Crystal and me took forever choosing-_- Actually I think we walk pass the stall 3 times to confirm whether it was worth getting and awhs....for a moment I thought they were pineapples. I think with my random useless words that I spurt out once in a while, those almost killed the stall owner. Really. I am surprised she still "layan" me after all that crap talking.
Right down to the pompoms she hanged at the back as deco. She was selling them, pompoms garlands for deco purposes. Actually it's really useful esp for parties, showers, almost anything really. Cause I did it for CNY and Xmas last year :P Won't be buying since I know how to make them. Mom hates them though, she kept saying the red ones reminded her of the red ball in front of the bridegroom in those traditional Chinese wedding-_- bah! Btw, those are flying fishes! Whatthefishhhhhhhhhhh. I was saying good Xmas tree decos, she was saying she hangs them at her bedroom window in rows (must be really prettyyyyy *_*)
 Laughs* looks like Crystal-chan! meh! The guy behind bug-a-boo soooooo timid and..can I just....pinch his cheeks?! nowadays I feel like pinching everyone's cheeks-_- Esp if you are quiet ...and shy...and timid...and *pinnnnnccccchhh* ahhh~

The one that did not buy anything but ended up carrying everything and waiting the whole time for us to be done....*thank youuuuuuuu*pinch ah pek's cheeks*
The only other thing I bought to match my moustache necklace. Crystal asked me to buy a moustache Tee that was being sold there. LOL nebermind! I go Dorothy buy rm33 Tee and draw myself ba! :D
My must have lekor-lekor from Pasar Seni. Prefer it without mayo. Then again, as long I see lekor, I want!! I remember the last time I went to Taman Tun, I randomly bought lekor from a malay aunt who was having a stall at the roadside. Upon eating it once in the car, I almost wanted to u-turn just to get another packet! O_O don't even know where she is now! ahhhhh!!! T_T