Saturday, May 26, 2012

Status Add-On

Whenever I am alone with ah pek, I always forget our 7 years gap. But once I follow him to his friends' gatherings, then it strikes me. (every single time)

"Oh yea, most of them are married and have kids."

So while my friends are going through trips/holidays and wedding dinners. I skipped all those and went straight into baby showers and grown kids. Talk bout express lane.

Which reminds me-_- What's with this year?! Never knew dragon year so laku (popular) wan! I know add-on cause got double moons also la. But still! So many weddings nevermind. So many babies popping out suddenly! O_O Not that I am complaining cause I can play all that I want ! :D kakaka* Still...*shocked*

Just when I thought the 7 years gap means they are much more refined, older, matured, stable (feel free to insert any adjectives to describe 30+ age group of people)

This happened while his friend told his daughter to address my ah pek.

 .........WhaTheMangocakes. LOL. Lady Gaga' Pakcik version. So lame!!! Not lame meh?! Damn lame leh! His daughter's face was quite priceless. LOL And he added on by saying "you know who are pakciks arh? You know Carrefour, Giant got those uncle sweep floor wan? Yea, she calls them pakciks."


My ah pek.....kelian. Kena bully. But he better get used to it cause all his friends' children will be calling him that very soon! :P kakaka*
And I can't believe by randomly meeting Carmen in the afternoon resulted us following her and her colleague buying a farewell present for Audrey of fourfeetnine. O_O When I first found out Carmen was working with her, was already star strucked. Since I have been reading her blog for yearssssss. I remember us talking about it in the middle of the sea in Langkawi while our boyfriends were trying to drag us away respectively LOL  So to actually see what she is going to get for her farewell present firsthand felt even more surreal. LOL Really liked the Hello Kitty claypot but her colleagues knows her best (of course), she doesn't cook..and ar...Hello Kitty will turn black..Like having sunburn..:(
I mean all claypots turn black wan right?

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