Monday, June 4, 2012

Cielo Dolci @ Paradigm Mall

Like one always say, "if you are gonna pile on the calories, might as well let it be the best of calories!" :D Though gelato is supposedly lower in fat and all, so means I can eat double the usual amount! wheeeee* Never expected this lil gem tucked away at the corner of Paradigm Mall would serve wonderful, wonderful gelato. I also gotta mention that the lady boss was waving at us to try her gelato like how those Japanese Maneki-Nekos do*laughs*

The Passion Fruit exceeded whatever taste my tongue expected and the Coconut + Gula Melaka tasted EXACTLY like Chendol. And it wasn't brown in colour, it was white-ish beige. How did they do it?! O_O Salted Caramel + Pixie Dust was a lil too sweet for me. *reject* Cielo Hazelnut was surprisingly good too.

No, I only ate 2 flavours that were shared amongst the 3 of us and yes, they actually let us try ALL THE FLAVOURS that were there! O_O without showing a sour look. That was really nice and kind, no??

Maybe that was a good technique, cause we felt bad if we did not buy anything after all that. LOL

Ta-Dah! the price list which it IS a lil pricey. (well, maybe cause it's not mass produced. all R&D in their very own lab) If I'm not wrong, it's even pricier than Haagen-Dazs for the takeaway sizes. But like i said, happiness comes in many ways, and this one hits the spot. thnkyouverymuch:):):) and yes, I prefer this to "The Last Polka", I don't know why.

Cielo Dolci
Cielo Dolci's Facebook
LG 50, Lower Ground Floor, Paradigm Mall.
(near Caring Pharmacy)

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