Friday, June 8, 2012

French Film Festival @ GSC

It's back!
Butt aches and horrible parking rounds at 1Utama. For one of the movies, I actually reached into the carpark at 8.30pm, I was in there making rounds and rounds and rounds and rounds....till 9.10pm. Movie was at 9.15pm :( And I saw like 5 cars in front of me get parking in that span of time. No parking luck ..AT ALL :(
Service Entrance
 (not sure why is it called 'the women on the 6th floor' when I searched for the poster. Though, Service Entrance was written instead on GSC)

Went in with zero expectations cause I did not even read the synopsis. Then then, before the movie started an old lady sat next to me. She looked like those old time film star! You know those old ladies with poofy hair with gold earrings and bangles and sunglasses? :D She said hello!!! From there on, I knew the show was gonna be good! HAHAHAHA. it was really good honestly. It's a story bout life itself. Like really how to live your life? Fill it with colours, sounds, laughters, memories! Just smile, be happy! Life will be good to you when you are good to yourself! you know?? :D of course, there was a lil loveeeee brewing too. It's a lovelylovely beautiful show. ahh...I came back smiling from ear to ear tat my mom thought I was on drugs :P

Romantics Anonymous

I think I have never heard ah pek laugh so loud in my life. To make my stereo sound complete, the girl on my right was just as loud! O_O LOL. But i guess thats good 'nuf to show how nice the show was. It was touching where you can see both individuals with the same problem trying to be the best of however to overcome their fear. Charming and uneven, surprisingly with all the lil quirks of the movie that made me laugh throughout, it made me shed few tears too. Definitely a movie romantics will enjoy :)

A Cat in Paris

Somewhat predictable storyline but for an animation I think it surpasses the usual fairytales that every one is used to. The story flowed really well and the drawing was definitely something refreshing. With the somewhat pencil colour finishing and not your average Disney characters, it actually feels like a illustrated storybook unfolding in front of your very eyes :) 

And i have the soft copy of this! *muahahaha*
if anyone wants, just ask me! :)

Ouh! and I missed the Intouchables screening....heard it was reallyreally good :( awhs*

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