Sunday, June 17, 2012

Papa's Day

One of my dad's manymany hobbies is to tell his "grandfather" stories to anyone who is willing to listen. His eyes practically sparkle if you would just sit and listen to him talk....and talk...and talk..and talk..that somewhat can go on forever! O_O and it surprises me that every single time there is something new. He will gladly answer any question too.

Except one.

"So, many ex-girlfriends you had??"
"Kent, turn left." (Telling baby bro directions on the way back to hometown. The only time the whole family can truly talk and bond and can't run away cause we are gonna be stuck in the car together for at least 2 hours LOL or 4 hours if we go back Penang)
"Eh, pa. What kind of girl was your first girlfriend?"
"Kent, careful the car in front."
"Pa, just answer jie. If not, she is gonna bug us the whole journey."
"Eh, pa.."
"Bulat, your father won't answer you wan larh! I as his wife also don't know how many he has! But one thing's for sure, he was a playboyla. I was one of his ex-girlfriend's friend ma!"
"So Kent, you see..."


"eh ma, you don't know wan meh dad's ex-girlfriend's stories?"
"...your father DIE ALSO don't want tell me. Then what can I do?"

After so many years, I still can't manage to dig out anything bout my dad's love life. But he does tell my guy friends how to tackle girls though-_- It feels soooo wrong....but ah...whatever makes my dad happy, then I'm happy too.

Well....anyway....when you can't get any story out of the "stubborn" one. You just gotta go the other way.

"So, many ex-boyfriends you had?"


  1. hahahaha............ i dunno about my dad but i do know about my mom love story. kekeke

  2. ahahahaha. your dad so cute! lol. :3

    1. AHAHA he is! But you know, funnily a lot of my friend's fathers are very cute too!