Sunday, July 8, 2012

Handmade Present : Level PAIN IN THE BUTT

Mission : To get ms.Ong's pre-present done on her actual birthday. Inclusive of wrapping.

Time : 8 hours after minus-ing playing time, working time, slacking time, sleeping time, eating time, dessert time, talking random stuff time, blog stalking time, movie time, kacau (disturb) mom time, roll on the bed time..hmm...plucking ah pek's white hair time...*insert whatever time*
Weapons : As above, looking as innocent as they can be.

ms.Chan saw the weapons the night I got them from ms.Ng and all she said was, "hur...good luck..."

she has every right to say that cause she is the only one in the group that has experience sewing.
but still! so much for words of encouragement! T_T

but she was rightT_T
they certainly aren't innocent!!
Not to mention the thread kept tangling up by itself! (DANCE TANGO ARH?!) 

Honestly the last time I ever sewed something was in college (I thought it was during secondary school...but surprisingly no O_O, patching up holes for my pants doesn't count la!) and I recalled how RETARDED the rabbit I sewed. *no eye see*

It was for our graduation fund raising event and I am surprised someone bought it. Thank you T_T for having retarded taste! Like me! T_T

I mean, since I sewed a retarded looking thing means I have retarded taste also right?
But that rabbit was 4 fingers big! This present I am sewing is definitely a GODZILLA size in comparison.

T_T my eyebags....
they are in need of serious help
if only eating desserts makes eyebags disappear T_T

I was super super like, SUPER PROUD of myself and my "butter fingers", then this just have to happen.

when ms.Ng saw the present, she added on by saying, "Eh! Deflated wan the testicles?"

Those are FEET! F.E.E.T, feet!! Past tense for FOOT. Or LEGS! *fan toi*
To love or not to love my friends, that is definitely a question to ponder.

p.s// anyone going for Blogopolis? hmm..

and oh yea, how the heck do you all wrap dolls/soft toys? look like a mayat (corpse ) when I put into a box! Cause the box automatically felt like a coffin


  1. Haha, that is too small for a pair of legs :P
    But good effort. :)

  2. LOL at "Roar"... Thread tangles when they're too long, for me! XD I always make them long, so that I don't have to change thread! Muahahaha.... Laziness! Shooo cute, I lazy do all these... not "lady" enough to mess with these patience-testing stuff! ROARRR

  3. well, i do like your cartoons very much~ hehe~

  4. Ken Wooi : haha anything but testicles!

    Pauline : LOL I'm also not a "lady" la! Just so happen I had to do it! And yea :P thread tangled cus I made it too long too *ops*

    Mr.Lonely : Thank you~


  6. Lol... small stuffed toy but the trouble it takes. Haha. Btw, you're drawings are so funny XP

  7. dropping by for the same time *waaaaaaves*

    likey your drawing!

    maybe you just wrap it up in a nice transparent wrappers? and tie a ribbon at the top like how they wrap a hamper? or put it in a nice glass bottle and then in a box so that it doesnt look like a corpse?

  8. cutee...the testicle looks cute too....if I were you, i'l just put it in a box...

  9. Constance Ant

    In the end I made a paper bag out of wrapping paper and put inside...^^''

  10. You can actually sew! Even a small hole on my clothes, I have to get my mum or friends to help #failedwoman HAHAHA :D That small monster is cute!