Friday, July 20, 2012

ms.bulat is on MC (EE-I-EE-I-O!)

Virus Language Translation:
Dear, you must be tired. We have been floating around whole day!
Yes, I am...Oh! Why don't we take a short holiday break there?

And ms.bulat keeps on sneezing, EE-I-EE-I-O!
With a ha-choo here and a ha-choo there,
here ah-choo, there ah-choo, everywhere choo-choo,
ms.bulat is effing sick, EE-I-EE-I-O!

I really hardly get sick, but when I do, I get all kinds of sick! T_T
He stopped me from eating all kinds of food nvm, he fed me all kinds of medicine to compensate.
Thank goodness the flu syrup was actually nice. LOL. (which btw was useless, cause I finished the whole bottle and I am still having the flu!)

Vicks was my best friend for the past few days! (first time using such thing!)
And yea, I wished I could do the above :(
But what if my nose became like a hippo's one!?
So I didn't do it :(

Gonna down cans and cans of yoghurt next week! Be gone antibiotics! Have never and will never like you. Bleah.

p.s// Sorry for not updating the whole week :( 
Did not expect to fall sick the same time as my laptop did.


  1. lol. Such a coincidence.

    I fall sick on sunday too, almost one week dy.
    The doc gave me 5 packs of medicine, but i only took 3 packs and for 3 days only.
    (<<< bad bad patient)

    Hope you recover soon! :)

  2. hope you recuperate soon :)

    same to your lappie

  3. Awww~ Get well soon! Here's some rainbows to make you feel better *throw rainbows*

  4. oh please do take care well :) the changing weather is horrible.


  5. I never use those "batang" to stuck on my nose before . . . . pharmacy can buy it? LOL :P

  6. aw... get well yeah :) drink lotsa water considering the hot weather. can't wait for more drawings XP

    lots of love

  7. cheryl chan: hahah hope you get well soon too! Usually my mom reminds me to eat-_- and the flu med said "drowsy" but after an hour my eyes were still as wide as plates!

    Ken Wooi
    Constance Ant
    the girl who lived under the rainbow
    : thank you !! T_T I am veryvery well now! must con't to take care of health.

    Tony Teh : HAHAHA True. trying to kick the habit actually :P Dammit. really like ah pek now.

    Kian Fai Koh: haha anywhere can buy la!