Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tokyo Street 1st Anniversary Celebration

was going berserk when I saw the Summer deco at Pavilion, KL. They looked very much like floating jellyfish! :D just that they are super colourful, surrounded by origami cranes and colourful pom-poms! See edy what bad thing also forget! :D:D (The round ball was actually made from paper cup[cupcakes] !!)
Stopped by Hiyoko, a famous Japanese cake. Actually I stopped there (other than the fact Crystal-chan said it is famous), cause it is cute la! Really cute leh! All of their products are shaped in a chick shape! :D And yea, we actually did the above-_- saddening no?
The cakes are (thankfully) sold individually. Bought like 1 or 2 pieces of each type for the family to try. Was around RM6-RM8 per piece (cheaper if you buy the whole box) If you convert that in Yen, that's like around 150-200 yen per piece? Thought it was okay, since it's from Japan and it does bring a nostalgic feeling for me.

Mana tau the only reaction my family gave was "OMG, rich people eat wan ah!? So expensive! You also can buy wan lorh!"


For every RM20 you spend in Tokyo St, entitles you to a lucky draw. -_- the girl selling Hiyoko should have said it then I would have bought 1 more cake to make the bill more than RM40 to have 2 times lucky draw...ahhhh!!

Japanese style lucky draw! O_O Never even saw it when I went to Japan! When the lady took it out I was like "OMG!! CAN I HAS PHOTO PLEASE?!" 

Sounded like jakun HAHAHAHA -_- But you are not allowed to spin it fast like you see it done in anime :( and the ball can really bounce! like FAR!

Got the above item (which is totally useless for someone who doesn't use make up-_-)
Had to clarify with mom that I DO LOVE HER and I did not buy it. I won it and thought that better someone uses it than letting it grow moss in my cupboard.

For each receipt (min RM20), you are entitled to :
  • One lucky draw (like the above)
  • One Tanabata wish card (best messages win dining vouchers)
  • One chance to play one game at the game stall (hard to miss with the big ass Daruma poster) and win prizes from it (very easy wan!)
If you are kiasu, ask the people to split your bill so you can have more lucky draws. Cause they kinda count by receipt for certain stuff.

They have many more stuffs going on. Schedule is practically packed for everyone and anyone! Just go catch Tokyo St. First Anniversary if you are free this weekend!

Actually I went to see Good Goods Japan happening at Centre Court, Pavilion. Which was pretty interesting but unfortunately no photos allowed and most items you gotta order from Japan itself. Did not expect to end up spending more time playing games at Tokyo Street instead LOL

Oh ya, first 50 shoppers get to meet ENA MATSUMOTO upclose? Something like that. Too bad I had to let it go :(


  1. i went up to tokyo street only once. that's because i wanna go to daiso. don't think can afford anything other than ochado milk tea and anything from daiso :/

    1. ah, the stuffs there are really not cheap. hahah but I think the food along that street is worth eating at least once :)
      the sukiyaki buffet? (at the end of the street next to daiso) looks okay! RM29.90 for lunch buffet though I have yet to try~

  2. Wah, you went to the tokyo street 1st anniversary!

    I just saw that on another blogger's post.
    Until 29th July right? See if I can squeeze in to my hectic schedule. :)

    Ena Matsumoto from EMODA! *scream*

    1. HAHAH YEAAA!!! I did not know it was going on actually! Just randomly stopped by and saw, so might as well! Yup, till end of the week! Sad that I had to let that Ena Matsumoto thing go as I was supposed to have something on , now that it's cancelled, makes me feel like :ARGH: HAHAHAHA

  3. They gave you expired cosmetic as the prize? *smack head*

    1. HAHA different balls = different prizes and from the looks of it. I got a "JACKPOT" right? LOL-_-!!

  4. What's that mean with first 50 shoppers get to meet ENA Matsumoto upclose? I wanna meet her so badly! Like seriously!!! Please tell me how..

    1. Yaiks. I did not ask the lady in detail cause I could not make it (it's this Sunday at 2pm) and I can't transfer the bill to another person's name :(
      But I read the pamphlet and I think the 1st 50 shoppers will get a chance to take a photo with Ena Matsumoto. If not, you will still get to meet her as she will be at Tokyo St. dy. Just maybe no photo with her kinda thing? :D
      Also can win gifts from EMODA! Maybe you can just go to Pavi to check the event out! :D
      Hope that helps? :)

  5. oh very nice... :) well, except for that cosmetic. sue them! XP interesting how you drew up all the surroundings by hand. i don't think i'd have the patience for that XP

  6. the chicken cakes! omg llok so cute. Too bad, it ends today and I only read got the chance to read ur blog today T^T

  7. awww but lucky draw it's nice :D

  8. missymiyen: haha so small thing, not worth to sue!

    Fluffy FurFer : Awhs. It's okay. Sure there would be more Jap events in the future!

    Ras : LOL only my prize not nice! :(