Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Meeting Boey @ KLCC

Last Sunday, I dragged puppy-eyed ah pek to fetch me to go for Boey's Meet&Greet Session at Kinokuniya, KLCC. (Artist behind "When I was a Kid") I did the same when I wanted to buy the book few months back at Times Bookstore too. *laughs*
It was my first time going for such an event (okay, second time. the first being Wang Lee Hom and his manager almost wanted to kill me, but that's another story for another day :P) and I was feeling a bit lost, wishing I was a student all over again cause ...it's easier when you are young and naive. That's what I feel :P

And then...
:D:D:D ohmaigooselarh. The guy behind the book I have been reading and reading over and over again. Bugging baby brother bear, bugging my friends to give a chance to the book cause it's actually quite addictive, nostalgic and good time killer when you are in the toilet *uh-hm* he was the guy behind all those crazy looking styrofoam cups. And instead of approaching to him to talk, I stalked from afar-_-
And he did not lie. He is MORE good looking in real life and I can't believe those shoes were from ZARA.

his dad's eyebrows makes him look so cute!


HIS MOM!!!! 
I am a superrrr happpyyyy girl!
There is just something bout his mom that is just..pleasant :) and his mom's love for him, you can feel it from the book itself. I can't explain it. You gotta read it yourself to find out.

See the mini signature ? That is the mom's. :D
It was so embarrassing. Cause I wanted her signature BUT I did not have a pen-_- In the end, his mom had to dig for a pen from her bag. *puts paperbag over head*

All in all, it was a wonderful meet&greet, Boey is much more humble in real life compared to how he is on Facebook. It was funny cause despite all this fame, he is still human. (or should I say down-to-earth?) Admitting in front of the crowd that he IS indeed nervous, hence pacing back&forth. Though so, did not bother to prepare any script and he was very honest in telling his personal stories.

And it irks me that when the Q&A session was on, I could not squeeze any questions to ask but I had a few on the way home in the car-_- BAH!

I am looking forward to the next book (hopefully there will be) Would be definitely epic to read one bout him being a dad :P HAHAHAHAHA

Last chance to go see him would be on the 8th&9th of September at the Curve area !:D


  1. Don't know the book nor the artist but it must have been very exciting for you. It's like meeting the parents as a girlfriend huh? lol. Worst Social Media Disasters in Malaysia

    1. HAHAHA yes! I guess it's similar to fan girls meeting their fav singer idols and such. noooo! meeting parents as gfriend is not exciting, is panicking LOL :D

  2. You have such a cool blog! really enjoyed reading your blog posts!

    xoxo jenna
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  3. Hmmm dont worry, everything has it's first =)

  4. Jenna : Thnk you ! will work harder!

    Hayley : hahah yes:) it was a good frst

  5. i was looking for quotes for book 2, and i came across this. youve got a great drawing style.:)

    1. Omg! Hello!! O_O Thank you!!! O_O!!
      I can't wait for book 2!!
      I must try to get a signed copy for my friend who is a big fan of your blog!