Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Paranorman : Movie Review

I have been to Nuffnang's screenings before, the first time being P.O.T.C.
And many other times were friends' who somehow always have tickets (I honestly don't know how they get it O_O) and I just freeload in together *heh*

but this is the FIRST time I personally won it from Nuffnang :D *wheee*
(or should I say Nuffnang gave me a chance to watch? haha Thank you~)
Ah pek made me worry during collection time cause I have never collected the tickets before. In the past, friends will just pass the ticket to me once I reach. I also recall waiting at the entrance door like...15 minutes before the movie starts?? Just to rush in FAST in order to get good seats. Now it feels so civilized. HAHAHA :D
3D is not necessary other than feeling "cool" wearing the new 3D glasses
ParaNorman made my night! Storyline was a lil' predictable and towards the ending was like a sudden rush into the storyline (children's movie ma! but what's with the PG13? Maybe PG6 la)
but the jokes made me entertained throughout. I loved the colours used too. Similar to reading a children's illustration book with slight pop-ups. haha :D and though so, still got frightened at certain parts mehhhhh

Honestly, it was a great improvement from Coraline, a bit more appealing to the public no? 
(esp. love the character designs this time around) and overall, I preferred this over Brave. *shrugs*

Qn to win the tix was :
"giving your wittiest speech to a very hungry zombie on the verge of swallowing you whole! Use your skills of persuasion & wit to avoid being zombie meal."
Both of us submitted for this but we were arguing on whose answer was the winning one.



  1. eh, congrats on the winning!
    Didn't even try at any of the movies, thought that it was too hard to win. :P

    I like ah pek's comment!
    "I am Justin Bieber" xD

  2. ahahahahaha. ahpek's " i am justin bieber "
    lol. i choked drinking water. xD

  3. The winning answer should be the one who got the email lah.. Haha!
    So you where there too! :)

  4. So nice, always read you bloggers get free ticket to watch movies! ;)

  5. Ras: trytry one of their contest! maybe you will win, who knows:)

    cheryl chan
    : i don't know how hard isit to win cause 1st time also but can try ba and THAT FUNNY MEH!!?? *maybe i got sesat sense of humour*

    Ken Wooi: hahah cus our blogs are under one account. thus one email :P yeap! I only saw Kianfai!~

    Hayley: lucky only this time~ hopefully will have more chances :D