Wednesday, September 26, 2012

KLIA trip

mom was finally coming home! *tears of joy* it was a midnight ride to the airport and my duty was to make sure baby brother doesn't fall asleep while driving! I think I did my job well la. Cause I was blabbering non-stop. But I kinda distracted baby brother from driving with the game though...haha :D

Well, as long as I'm not the one driving....cause arh...hahaha I guess only people who has ever sat my car before would know why. T_T
When we were about to reach, cousin sister SMS-ed me! :D I seriously don't know how can she get lost when she always goes to the airport to catch superstars & singers (I'm serious ok!-_- She draws banners and stuffs and quite well known for her works)
But luck was on her side la.......KNS. Was hungry and wanted to eat but was too kiamsiap (stingy) to pay airport pricing for normal end up standing (not even sitting! I never realized KLIA no place to sit wan!) and fighting over the ipad game with baby brother. (eh, that game very addictive! lemme know if you play! :P)

Saw my cousin walking towards my direction the moment mom called (CEH, talk bout good timing!)

Next thing I knew, it was 1 minute (maybe way less than that but felt forever....) of chaos and hoo-hah trying to get my mom (like whythechupachups is she not picking up at a desperate moment??) and hoping my aunt hasn't gotten a taxi..if cousin came to the airport to just.... breathe the air there la-_- and maybe purposely come gimme heart attack-_-

And so the moral of the story is that......

Never give bulat a heart attack. She might just accidentally, innocently kill you. oh ya, mum is home means no more housework! whee!
Bulat is short. *sigh*
Am not kidding okay, whichever younger cousin that has already hit puberty, all taller than me T_T huhuhu


  1. hahahahaha!! omg so cute la!! LOL! Im the second child but seems like im the shortest and hence always get bullied by the younger bros n sisters! >:(

  2. I love love love your way of drawing so much!! X) The bear and rabbit so cute!! Last time my sister went to fetch my dad she wrote his name on the iPad and held it like those cards. XD

    Why is there a leaf there... *ahem*

  3. It's okay, I'm short too! So we short together-gether lah :3

  4. Hahahaha, I like baby bro who is like this giant fluffy cute bear! Heh, u r so talented!!! (why do I hv to repeat myself everytime I come to ur blog hahaha).

    Love your updates, always make my day. Uber cute!!!

  5. LOL you made every situation seem like anime comedy scene haha. Sinister movie review

  6. Haha, good to know that your mummy is coming home! So you can rest more, no more house chores ya! *wink*

  7. i really love your blog!!! :D super cute drawing and it's a really creative angles and expressions :)
    I just followed your blog

  8. you have a super cute blog! followed :)

    mind to check out mine? >

  9. Hey bulat. I am short too... ahhahahahhahahahah

  10. lol! Why would your brother fall asleep when he drives?

  11. Your blog is so cute! I love all of your sketches and doodles, they're so great! You're talented =)

    Suzie Q
    Breil Necklace GIVEAWAY

  12. I like the way you express yourself through drawing. You're doing great, keep it up ;)

  13. Caroline Ng May Ling : awhs! as long Eric sek you! :D compensate! kekeke*

    j_fish: that is a effing good idea! I am gonna do that the next time I go pick up someone from the airport! :P Uh*hm, you know and I know why gt leaf enough la hahaha!

    Hilda Milda : HAHAHA HELLO COMRADE! :D wheee! Not alone! :D

    YT : Thank you!! :') I really need to update faster though...lagging style. haha

    Tony Teh: But but T_T not me. is people around me make it like comedy! And dammit! Next post will be faster than your 2nd comment on the same blog post!!!!

    Hayley: HAHA yes! :D Got do . Just less :D

    Hanna Irena: Am still learning bout expressions! :) Thank you~ I love your drawings too! so cute!

    janice vania : Thank you! I love your shots!

    Daniel Chew : ...I never noticed! How come ah! : So late dy. it was i think 1am and we reached home around 3am. need to work summore...:(

    Meitzeu : owh. xiexie!

    Suzie Q: THank you! I love your fashion! :)

    Slee : thank you! :D

  14. harlo ms bulat, i stumbled across ur blog accidentally and i was hooked with all ur doodling n drawings. love them so much.
    if u r wondering whether anyone else were addicted to the game, i am still addicted to the game with a vengeance to get 3-star-carrot and the all-clear-badge. i have got this app since months ago and i just couldn't stop playing. hehe
    cheers & have a good day!

    1. Harro! Hahaha I'm also still playing! Now have to collect eggs and all to open new maps. Wanna faint already!