Friday, September 14, 2012

Part-Time Job

Right after the Bali trip (which btw lost my voice during the holiday and all T_T) I was thrown into "maid mode" cause mom went to China the moment I reached home. Talk bout great timing.

I am a very spoilt child. At this age I still have the privilege of mom doing most of the housework so once in a while (actually make that 2-3 times a year LOL) mom goes off for a holiday and it's "payback time!" for me.

But seriously, when mom does housework she always have the upper hand most of the time. One scream and everyone goes into "YES, MA'AM" mode. Unfortunately, I don't have that power ..T_T

I don't understand lorh! How can so fast wan?! It's like there are plates every time I walk pass the sink. And it is prolly like 15 minutes gap time from the previous wash!-_- I don't know how the two barbarians (dad and baby brother) use plates. One cracker one plate isit?!


Someone please invent edible plates or maybe I should just buy paper plates and put at home. Or maybe just get banana leaves and use. At this rate, will be bunking at the sink 24 hours-_-! Maybe keep for a lookout if, maybe, just maybe the plates have feet and they walk themselves to the sink to have a bath instead-_-!!!


  1. I'm a spoiled brat myself.
    But mom always hire people to do house chores, so there's no need to do it myself.
    I already forgot when was the last time I pick up a broom. :p

  2. Aahahha so cute. I'm a spoiled kid too but my mom always made me to do housework else I will be very lazy :X

  3. hahaha ur brother sound exactly like my brother

  4. I'm used to it, everytime I'm home for my sem break, I'm the MAID (: but then I sort of enjoy it sometimes.

  5. you actually break the plates!!??!! O.O!!
    haha evil bulat~


    So cute! did u do all those drawings yourself? THat is so talented of you. I can never draw nicely and gosh, I'm so envy with your skills. And yes, love your witty way too.

    Will save your blog as my fav ^^

  7. Haha, you'll do more than that when you become... a wife :P

  8. LOL! You are so funny and interesting. I was like this with my dirty dishes before becoming a wife and a mum... now no more *sign*

    btw, regarding your comment at my blog... Hazelnut meal is actually ground hazelnut and I think it is the same as hazelnut flour. 1/3 of 1/2 is 1/6. 1/6 of 1 cup is 40ml.

    Have fun with part-time job, baking and washing :D


  9. lol. lock up the cupboard so that they dun get to take any plates or bowls ;P

    or get daddy to get a dishwasher. good for mommy also. haha..

  10. wait till you experience a real part-time job lol. Hotel Transylvania review

  11. Hak now you know the feeling of doing house chores =)
    Thinking at the bright side, it's a great exercise to sweat! :P

  12. hmmm good life! i was trained doing house work since young. cos popo told mami, you're lazy, that's why you need to train your daughter to do the chores. #storyofmylife wtf

  13. cheryl chan: LOL! in a way that's good! No one "suffers!" :D

    Fer Haru: hahaha :P If mom don't force means no do lor!

    Eric Lee Huangshi: They better don't meet! LOL :P

    Hilda Milda: I guess it's still okay once in a while? :D

    Ras: HAHAHA :P Almostla almost! I love most of my plates cause most of them are my grandma pass down one.

    YT: Thank youuu!~

    Ken Wooi: Nuuuu...Full time maid LOL

    Zoe: Oh! Thanks!:) Was thinking how to do the calculations. Small cakes are better (or more popular now?) hahaha I don't mind washing but it makes me wonder why isit never ending! I saw that day! dishwasher!! But it looks like it's gonna waste a lot of water :(

    Tony Teh: LOL if the part-time job is 24 hour washing dishes. i sure pengsan!

    Hayley : yalu. Have to sek mama more dy !

    Constance Ant: In other words, Your mom is very lucky to have you! Good luilui! :D

  14. Haha... Same case here! Normally my mom instruct me to do the housechores with my brother lurking at the background... Haha.. Agree with the auto-refill-plate-sink!!!

  15. Part time maid is okay but not full time and permanent maid.

  16. Black Sesame : HAHAHA! I know right! both of us got the same sink!~

    Mina : yes, totally agree. Salute those who are!

  17. Inspiring story there. What happened after? Take care!
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