Saturday, September 1, 2012

Surprise at THE WATCH

Ah pek won tickets to The Watch the other day. (Thanks Nuffnang for appreciating ah pek's sense of humour hahahaha :P) Tagged along not knowing what was it about at all. But one look at Ben Stiller on the ticket, must be some silly movie jorh. (and while lining up for the tickets, heard so much pregnancy stories from 2 girls behind that now I am fully equipped laughs* level up! dingding!)

Actually Eric already "BULAT!" me during buying popcorn time. It such a sudden,shocking thing (for me) that I think my life kena cut into half...hahaha (^^"). Now he "BULAT" me again, some more so bright, heart attack!...haha
Honestly first time seeing them in flesh&blood O_O Totally didn't expect cause did not see them the last movie. Not even the tip of their noses O_O I was gonna give myself a silent pep talk to approach them..

when suddenly...
Ernest approach me first ! O_O
If Jian is the King of comic blogging, Ernest is the Queen  Prince?( Right Hand Man? Next in line???) So a bit.....actually my eyes were as big as plates la (or trying to be as big) O_O plus after seeing so many Youtube videos of him...kinda surreal to see in flesh&blood...haha T_T
T_T ended abruptly and awkwardly despite him being so friendly. So now I know, actually I did not grow up at all. Lucky Ernest din't ask for my age. Really not enough fingers.. T_T. I will level up my "meeting people for the first time" skill.

As for the movie, I long time never sit in between stereo sound (surround sound?) liao. Some jokes were lame but I guess for a silly storyline to begin with, it matches. Ah pek esp. liked the part where they kept shooting the alien to make sure the alien is dead. He said that was very "real", something what any normal human would do but it was comical when shown. For me, as long you watch THE WATCH without any expectations in mind then it would be a good popcorn movie. Just laugh, no need think :P Laugh louder to make the ticket worth :P


  1. lol. speaking of meeting people for the first time skill, I'll need super upgrade on that also. Especially when people are super friendly(english-ed one), I just don't really know how to react. xD

  2. woi!! i wore jeans but how come got kaki bulu shown!! hahahaha

    very nice drawings! I should have you draw for me next time!! ngek ngek ngek..

    yes...ernest is friendly. next time gathering come join all of us. all very friendly one..haha

    ok bad for yelling bulat loud loud..even caroline say me. haha but dunno what to call ma. haha

  3. I like your drawings a lot!!! New fan. X)

  4. hahahah! to be frank, it goes like this...

    On queue to collect tic..
    E: eh ms bulat at here, see that's the bf.
    C: how u noe dats her bf?
    E: i saw their pic before. but bulat drew her bf like ah pek.
    C: yer how come so bad one? where is she la?
    E: dunno. must be around la. i never met her before one.
    C: err okie..

    Buy popcorn time...
    E: eh dat must be her, with the bf.
    C: lol y dnt u say hi?
    E: BULAT! (loudly)
    C: omg why u call ppl so loud?! (embarrassed)
    E: her name is like dat ma.
    C: .....

    So.. yea. LOL!
    By the way, nice meeting u! And i love how u drew me here! So pretty! kekekeke! XD

  5. hahahah i love the drawing weii
    Damn niceeee :D

    and uh hum, Ernest is very friendly person ^^ and very very nice too..
    Wait. we all at the comic blogger group very friendly wan XD must have a gathering one day!

    and I'm no King. I'm just a pet cat. Retired pet cat. hahahaha

  6. why you draw so nice one!!!!! Let's meet up again!!!

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  8. flesh&blood O_O!! me wan see them too~ :D

  9. cheryl chan : haha thought it will be better as i age, apparently not.

    Eric Lee: :D manly legs! haha it's okay. my friends call me bulat (if they don't use my real name) jst not so loud :P

    j_fish: Thank you:)

    Caroline Ng: haha i see! :D my ah pek really ah pek ma! so i draw like ah pek lo :P your eyes really big leh!

    Jian Akiraceo: how can be retired when you wanna take over the world? :D

    Chee Ching: Thank you!~ :) wan meet!

    Ras : keke* sure got chance! no wrries