Wednesday, October 3, 2012

No! You listen!

Oh hai mom!!! Surprisingly this time travel din't put on weight! In fact, I think she lost some. hahaha :P
It's always a thing between my family members to see who put on the LEAST weight during our travels. Dad always wins hands down-_- what's with the crazy metabolism rate at his senior citizen age-_-
Girls doing what they usually do. Talk. But never ever listening to the other party (usually lar)-_- *laughs* I guess it's worse when both went traveling and have not met each other for almost 3 weeks! That's a long time for my mom and me really. Considering I see her everyday and all.
*sei lui bao* = bad daughter
Baby brother's peaceful life gone. HAHA:P He was playing Diablo. Don't have to draw what happens next. We survived, can't say the same bout his character though :P

We obviously had to move on to different paths.


  1. The plushies are so cute!! Especially the lion. The wtf face is epic.

    I love your concept of comic blog alot. More pictures, less words. That's what comics should be like. =)

    Again, I love your drawings so much!!

  2. Eh so cute la! You make me want to draw! :D

  3. LOL...i thought rocky would be the next option

  4. lol. so cute ^^

    you and mom really bond well ;D

  5. kyaaaaa the plushie! <3 The lion one really -.- face AHAHHA

  6. Haha... When I meet my uni friends after uni break, I always need to remind myself (**pinch**) to listen her story first then talk about by not laser shooting both our stories at the same time. XD Girls true story!

  7. Hahahaha, I really lol-ed at the last photo. So cute!

    Yea, I know right? Whenever I went back hometown and start chatting with my mum it will be me babbling about my colleague and work and she talking bout the market and the neighbours. Usually different topics, at the same time =.=

  8. j_fish: hahah that is the exact reason why i bought the lion :P and oh! I actually I don't have a concept...haha but Thanks! I will try to draw more,less words next time! :D

    cheryl chan: HAHAHA it was like that in real life just no jumping la. old dy :P

    Missy Miyen : yay! DRAW MORE! :P

    Eric Lee : Cause he was with me during the trip....must tell people who weren't with me ! :P : LOL in a Tom&Jerry way :D

    Jennifer FurFer: They have a lot you know! I had a hard time choosing!

    Jian Akiraceo : wheeee!

    BlackSesame: you so nice laaaa! I cannot! I try but always fail-_-

    YT: hahahaha so it does happen to most people! that's why when girls meet up after a long time damn noisy wan usually! :D

  9. Replies
    1. aiyo anne! LOL you should know my mom well by now with all my silly stories!