Tuesday, November 20, 2012

10 minute "door opener" job

The other day, I was *requested* to wear a saree (or is it spelled as sari?) for my family's lawyer's birthday + pre-Deepavali dinner. Although I was realllllyyy reluctant to wear it (I can't accept the fact that my round tummy is being shown to the world leh! But other than that, saree is nice to wear!) must give face to birthday girl woman and also cause I wanna make my saree worth. Calculative level 10. *laughs* 

The moment I walked in, everyone's eyes was on me...cause I was the only one in a saree ...and I am Chinese-_-! At that point I did not know what to feel. Wanted to hide but arh T_T how to hide??....why the heck is my saree maroon somemore!?-_-!! Why was I super punctual that day!? *stabs self*

In the end, decided to stand near the main door of  Gem Restaurant (which I totally recommend cause it was Yummies!) Actually now that I blog bout this...why did I not ask if there was a reservation under the birthday girl's name? -_- At least could have sat down ah!! *faints*
Automatically opens door for every customer walking in...hahahaha! Actually what is the position of this job? Bellboy? Hmm..
Won't you all open the door too if you were standing near it? Manners right?! The standard "Malaysian usually late for 10 minutes" really felt forever T_T Thankfully it was just 10 minutes, after that the gang walked in with sarees and I immediately blended in ~

We took many sakai photos.
I think we were the loudest, noisiest bunch in the restaurant O_O
and yes, 70% of our table guests are Chinese. *laughs*

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Comic Bloggers Gathering by Nuffnang

 Terms : Draw a comic version of yourself.

Is this a pass?! :D:D keke* 
can right? can la....*puppy eyes* please?

On the 10th November, there would be the first ever Comic Bloggers Gathering!! Together with Ernest from Bro,Don'tLikeThatLaBro and super cute (seriously, until now I still feel like pinching her cheeks!) Chee Ching from CheeChingy, it's gonna be a fun afternoon with laughters...and more laughters :D

Honestly, I am super looking forward to Ernest and Chee Ching performing their "magic!" I have seen both of them doodle and it's just ...fascinating. It's like...blank paper *BLINK* then there is a drawing-_-! whatisthissorcery!? O_O

The gathering is gonna be held at CAFFEine and I can actually smell the coffee already. Also, usually no cake will escape my sweet tooth teeth !! :D *my gosh. thinking of the food already-_- gotta wait a week...ahhhh!*

and oh, I don't know. Maybe a surprise drawing on our lattes by the famous bloggers? :D  *heh*