Sunday, November 4, 2012

Comic Bloggers Gathering by Nuffnang

 Terms : Draw a comic version of yourself.

Is this a pass?! :D:D keke* 
can right? can la....*puppy eyes* please?

On the 10th November, there would be the first ever Comic Bloggers Gathering!! Together with Ernest from Bro,Don'tLikeThatLaBro and super cute (seriously, until now I still feel like pinching her cheeks!) Chee Ching from CheeChingy, it's gonna be a fun afternoon with laughters...and more laughters :D

Honestly, I am super looking forward to Ernest and Chee Ching performing their "magic!" I have seen both of them doodle and it's just ...fascinating. It's like...blank paper *BLINK* then there is a drawing-_-! whatisthissorcery!? O_O

The gathering is gonna be held at CAFFEine and I can actually smell the coffee already. Also, usually no cake will escape my sweet tooth teeth !! :D *my gosh. thinking of the food already-_- gotta wait a week...ahhhh!*

and oh, I don't know. Maybe a surprise drawing on our lattes by the famous bloggers? :D  *heh*


  1. Oh my god! I just know the event! Really wished I can join (and see) you all, too bad I bought my hometown bus ticket dy... **sad sad**
    Hope you all have a great time! =]

  2. SO CUTE!! hahaha i like this XD thanks for participating!

  3. Ms Bulat drawing are cute as always... hahahha..

  4. are not coming to the Pipit Event?
    It's on the same day, right?


  5. I have confidence in you! you can definitely get this!

    from your little fans,
    Cheryl :P

  6. Pfffttt... this is coming from one of our top illustrator in comic bloggers group.. Every1 was amazed by your drawings that time including Chee Ching and Ernest le. LOL but theirs are equally impressive as well

  7. Wow. First visit here and I am impressed. Straight into my subscription list! Super glad for checking you out. Thanks for following!

  8. A group of talented artists getting together, that should be fun. Waiting for you to share more about the outing.

    I went to the links u included in this post and am impressed with their work too but Bulat, ur style is impeccable. Love your humor and the cuteness of ur drawings, a lot ^^

  9. The event must be 'cute'! Haha..
    I like your comic drawing, so cute~

  10. BlackSesame: Plsplspls join us next time!! :):) Would be great wan ah!

    Ernest: yay! :D i really was looking fwd to you guys drawing on the kopi de!

    Aujinz: haha try my best!

    cheryl chan: T_T you so nice!!

    Eric Lee Huangshi : T_T where got! I have loads to learn from u all. and when I got draw for them!? O_O

    YT : thank you! I will try my best to do better (and update more regularly..haha)

    Ras : nono, ernest is always cute haha :P

    Tony Teh : Very eye opening!

    Hayley: hahaha yes! i was imagining everyone in cartoon form ah!

    Mr Lonely: uh* not sure~ hahah this is my frst nuffnang event!