Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Thank You Notes

Only when it is a brand new year I realize how fast time flies. *laughs* 52 weeks in a year and now we are almost done with 2 weeks! O_O gah!

Last weekend, I jotted down all my resolutions! Like every year! and break (almost) all of them by the end of the year, every year! :D

It's like I'm writing just for the sake of writing and by the end of the year I check to see if I broke less resolutions this year compared to the last :P

I set more carefree resolutions this year as seen above....*laughs* Self improvements/bigger achievements are supposed to be made (slowly bitbybit) daily like habit anyway, no need to write resolutions for it....I think? ^^"

Also, I realized that I have been an ungrateful girl (omg, so old dy I still refer myself as girl!-_- buay paiseh!) last year. I took a lot of things for granted and with age (ta-dah!) comes wisdom!!! Okayla, not really wisdom but as years pass you will see certain things in a different light! :D

Since I am a really spoiled girl....I thought I would do a "Thank You" box? (what is this called actually ? O_O)

I will write one thing I am grateful for everyday. (It's also a good excuse to doodle :P) and put all into the "box." I saw on websites that usually nice jars are used but since I am supposed to save quite a sum of money this year *uh-hm* ciplak CNY cookie jars are RM1.80 somewhat and I can just deco it to the max la!

Anyway, by the end of 2013, I will have 365 gratitude notes to read and feel thankful for! :) *fingers crossed*

Oh, one of the best things that happened last year (which was really something new to me), meeting /making new friends through this blog of mine. I have been blogging since 2002 ( anyone?) and this is the first time I made friends like this! :) I am happy and grateful to know each and everyone of you! Inc. you guys who always leave comments here! :)

Reallyreally grateful :')


  1. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Laugh die me reading this especially the ending part! >.<

  2. Hey, that's a very good for self improvement!
    Maybe I'll consider to make one myself too. :P

    Great to know you too! Your illustration has always been inspiring. :)

  3. Haha very nice resolutions!

    Yea, we must be grateful of what we have!

  4. I saw from tumblr is writing great things that happen throughout 2013 and put it into a jar, thinking of doing it too. But yours seem like a nice idea too. Should I get two jars instead? LOLOL

  5. Oh! This looks like such a great idea! I think I will do one too (:

  6. This is my first visit around, to stumble on this meaningful post. I found your comics so cute! I wish i was someone who can draw, lol. following via nuffnangx for more cute comics!

  7. Hi there! It was nice talking to you today! The way you talk is just like how you draw/write in your blog.
    Look forward to your future posts! :)


  8. Hahaha.. I like the thankful notes box idea! Think I should do that to remind meself of the good things in life..

    LOL.. Ah pek's just his usual self huh? :P

  9. good idea of putting in a box! btw, the bag is just nice for u to put ur purse, phone, digital camera and some small thing :D

  10. Caroline Ng May Ling : But almost killed me leh! lame max!

    cheryl chan : pls do!! it would a good self present at the end of the year haha! i believe!

    Ras : ^^ super ah pek!

    Hayley: Yes! Im learning to be everyday~

    Ku-ru: haha ah pek or me!!

    Hilda Milda: hahaha if not you can stuff it all in a jar. but write two notes a day! mou man tai!~

    Ella: yays! :D

    Natasha Ting: Thank you! Anyone can draw !:) With practice and your heart, even more magical things can happen~ :D

    Sijun: hello June! Gah. such a late reply to u!! T_T It was fun&lovely talking to you! Made my day a lot! Hope Yoshi did wonderful magic to your hair haha!

    crystal : hahah but u maybe have to masuk plastic bags / file instead fr ur notes so can easy carry back in Oct:D

    Camy Lau: Cute bag! but awh, i like bulkier bags! :)

  11. Hey there! haha never too late! My sister was surprised with the coincidence when I told her about seeing you in the salon, and she reminded me to mention the joy that your blog has brought to us: We literally took a ruler to measure ourselves after we saw the "Did you know" post. As always, Yoshi ssang did a great job. :)