Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Two Zero One Three

Baby brother had a small gathering this new year eve and knowing my brother, anything organized by them usually means...doing nothing and just wait to eat :D I am dead serious, the last time I went for a trip with his friends to Cameron. The guys DID EVERYTHING. From planning to cooking to washing! I really just sat and eat and talk crap with the girls :P

But lil did I know this year things would be different T_T *laughs* part of the reason is cause they have a certified chef amongst them and this year he is busy thus leaving my brother to do most of the work...and I got worried (as usual) so in the end I was his "slave" in the kitchen T_T 

It was super chaotic cause my brother had zero plannings-_- he just cooked as it went! -_- so the guests were really like eating course meals, like one after another. I am just happy everything turned out fine (since I am like the worst cook ever. I think the correct grammar is I can't cook haha) and everyone was super stuffed in the end (most important!)
At 11.50pm, last minute-ly we decided to drive out near the area to see fireworks. We have been going there and doing this since 3 years back but with all the upcoming houses and high-rise condos T_T I guess we have to drive to somewhere new next year. *sad*
And looked what followed me from 2012! -_-!! Right after the fireworks, with the flu along, I lost my voice!-_-! what a way to start 2013!!! ms.Chan was laughing seeing how the supposedly most healthiest in the group is now sick right at the beginning of a new year! T_T

Spent the next hour not able to answer any HAPPY 2013 calls and drank loads of honey till I felt like Winnie the Pooh.

Din't work. bah*


  1. Still, you get to watch the fireworks and celebrate it with your friends and family. That's what matters. :)

    Happy New Year!
    and hope you recover soon from the flu. :)

    1. :) That's very true!~ Happy 2013!! and I have already recovered! heh* Thank you!

  2. my flat also cannot see the fireworks T.T

    1. T_T awhs! And when I passed by some flats on the way home, I was thinking so nice, they must have saw a lot of fireworks from high up!

    2. the fireworks area was block by another condominium LOl. So my flat is the shorter one, that's why cannot see the fireworks T.T