Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Adik, Oh Adik!


LOL I feel bad for misleading him further. But oh well! :P

Monday, March 11, 2013


Gachapon is something I waste my money on. *laughs* but the machine was dispensing ONE PIECE'S BOAT!! O_O too bad sold out. Hence I wanted the key to get the display units on top.


But um..yea, am blogging bout it now..... ^^" haha & I guess holding people's shirt is a bad habit of mine ..

Please tell me you guys have done this before....and that I am not alone ...and that I'm gonna throw away ah pek's common colour jacket (yes, blaming on the jacket!) T_T hahaha. Btw this happened over the weekend......T_T and yea, I have done it before in the past also...

Let's meet bulat during college. I think this one is hard to forget because the lady actually responded to me ! & I had to make small talk with her!
p.s// btw baggy shirts FTW! Wore a lot of baggy shirts in the past. haha! Like super baggy till you can fit another human inside , with horrible taglines like "I dowan lonely..." hahaha! O_O mostly the reason was to hide my tummy and I can slouch whole day during lectures.
Don't even remember what was the thing she was choosing anymore....But in the end she followed my advise and took the one I suggested ....haha her hubby asked her if I was a friend....

Friend for 3 minutes got la *sweat*

I know another common one is holding the wrong hand in the cinema! *laughs* I have never done it but have friends (yes, more than one!) who has done it (accidentally of course! or maybe not? :P) before!

Oh and I am so sorry for my slow updates T_T sob* Will be having Jap exam this wednesday and finishing up my friend's wedding video drawings. I guess I need to draw faster....I need a fastforward button.....^^"

But feel free to follow my Instagram to see my mini daily rubbish! Usually is just tons of food pics...but yea^^" it's very alive.