Friday, May 24, 2013

B&B Collab : Bolehland + Bulat

I really suck in swimming....hahaha T-T always accidentally drink pool water T-T
& pool water cleanliness know I know la T-T hopefully chlorine kills most of it.....somewhat *laughs*

Btw, my first blogpost collab!!! Damn happy! :D
Thanks to bolehland! *clickclick*
p.s// wai kit looks 10x better than the drawing :P


  1. Practice makes perfect!
    Its normal to drink the pool water in the beginning, hehe..

  2. Hey! thumbs up for the collaboration! No wonder it's full color this time. xD

  3. Our collab talk until now also haven't do yet. LOL

  4. Hahahaha!! Cute!!

  5. Hi, I log on to your blog daily. Your humoristic style is awesome, keep doing what you're doing!

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  6. Collab is fun!!! It's like Britney Spear duet with Jacky Cheung....Or Jacky Chan fight with Captain America :D

  7. Hilda Milda: hahah drinking water not cute though!

    HayleyMay: !i will work harder! hahah

    Cheryl : hahah should i try adding more clr to my posts next time?

    Eric Lee : LOLOL T_T next marathon coming dy

    crystal-jun: haha!! if you see real life wan you won't say tat!

    Anonymous: ouh! thnks!

    Yoshindoh: yay! why not?! :D:D

    Anonymous: mehhh! hahaha!

  8. Ms. Bulat look like the girl from the Ring.