Thursday, June 27, 2013

A Litle Goes A Long Way

Early this year, I did a collab with other comic bloggers to draw for a cause. The t-shirts are now ready for pre-order! :)

Click here  to view the video regarding this project or to order the shirt!

In short, all money raised will be donated to La Salle Learning Centre Penang.

La Salle Learning Centre is a learning centre for children from disadvantaged backgrounds/underprivileged children, where they can find opportunities to grow. It is a non-profit learning centre and majority of their staffs are volunteers. The children will not only be taught academically but also emtionally and mentally, having a balanced growth to live a harmonious life. 

Do feel free to read more here :  The Star 1, The Star 2
I kid you not. *laughs* Though technically we haven't gotten the shirts (pre-order will arrive next month) but we were having this conversation when we were purchasing them together.

P.S// Pre-Order is till June 30 only! That means there's only 72 hours left!! :):) July 10th! :)

Thank you for reading & appreciate loads if you guys can share the love! :)


  1. Wow this is for a good cause! Well done ms bulat!

    I will take a look at the video later.

  2. PGboy fb page isn't replying me as i want to buy via online bank transfer =_= can i still order as he didn't managed to reply me? Nice shirt that I do not want to miss though :)

    1. Hello! Will contact him for u and get back to u ASAP :)