Wednesday, June 19, 2013

How much is your power?



  1. Waaah, so cute!

    I started with 150 when I was 10 :D
    Now it's 275.

    Can't imagine yours! :F

  2. im lucky i dont need any spec,but its weird..ive been staring into computer screen for so many years ..but im still okay...lucky maybe

  3. Hahahaha!!! aiyo.. lol! I remember last time when my classmates wearing spec and none of my family member wearing one, i always purposely find reason to borrow my friend's one to wear it for fun for few minutes. >.< When i think back, that was stupid and I can get blind too maybe. haha

  4. starting at 400? wow... i started at 150 and then grew higher and higher during primary school and now it's already 500 :(

  5. I can almost understand how you feel. Sigh. My power is 600. T^T But it's incredible how you contained to "only" reach 800 after so many years. I've been diagnosed when I was 9 but it started being just mild, but now. Sigh. I feel you girl.

  6. Mr Lonely: haha T_T why lol me!

    azreen chan: ehhh!! so slow your increase rate! hahah don't imagine pls. let's just say ...even billboards i can't read :/

    Ku-ru / KynkiGoh: sigh. very lucky! or just very strong eyes! good genes! hahaha my whole family only i wear :( watch too much mickey mouse when young.

    Caroline Ng May Ling: won't blind ba but might increase your chance of wearing spects ! lucky no need!! :( it's very mafan when go swimming! esp to the sea snorkeling, can't see nuts!

    HenRy LeE: hahaha i think with all the computer , even faster to go up :( i very long din't that 800 power is actually an old one..hope din't go up summore :(

    j_fish: T_T thankyou! hahah i also don't know how i lasted so long with my eyes like that. if it wasn't for a trip to perth, where my dad realized i couldn't even read the big ass signboard..i don't know when i only dare to go check... ^^"