Thursday, July 4, 2013

Falling Down

my dad lives by the quote "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger."

He is definitely alright since he can send me such SMS on the second day he was at the hospital-_-
I am supersuper thankful that he is. There is a small fracture somewhere at his backbone but it wasn't at any vital points so with a lot of resting and tons of TLC, (make that up to 6 months of TLC) he will be super okay after that. We were so worried when we first sent him to the hospital cause he could barely move and he was screaming at every single movement, his voice was echoing throughout the hospital! O_O

For a moment, he sounded like some wild animal going to be slaughtered.

He screamed even louder when he saw nurses pushing the bed towards operation theater...but actually just had to pass by that area to get his room...-_-''

And after all that "wild animal" screaming, the nurse called him "SI COMEL"

Pengsanla ku!!!!


  1. ouch man...luckily he's ok. I fell down the other day too and I broke my front tooth T__T

  2. Oh that must be hurting!!

    Glad that he's getting better, you take care too!

  3. Oh my! :O
    I'm glad your brother is ok!

  4. vypur85: ya..quite bad but he is recovering :) so need loads of rest.

    pawprints: O_O omg, anne!

    Hayley: very hurting ^^" I am his personal maid for now hahaha Thanks for your well wishes.

    Pingu: yes! I am very glad too! Thank you!

  5. hahaha....your bro really cute