Thursday, October 24, 2013

Killing Bolehland at Churpout

erm.. hahaha T_T sob*

Sorry bolehland! T_T Dan Khoo really sat there the whole morning cutting, pasting and assembling it and it wasn't easy cause we din't have the proper tools and ...the doll is not easy to make also la ^^" I din't dare go near it after that...hopefully it stayed throughout the day...hurhurhur.

Anyway, thank you to everyone who came ! (Must draw Lumi soon! LOL ROAR**)  I had loads of fun (& a lil bit of stress) drawing *laughs* It was fun drawing with the rest and meeting people but stress cause erm...first time drawing in public & all ..

`(๑ △ ๑)`*

Coconut & me AIYO!!!! (⊙_☉)
p.s// leave your mouse longer on the photo.


  1. Actually... WaiKit the one spent hours to cut it!! HAHAHAHAH

  2. hahhaha... you murderer... last pic, i wonder how did you hold that board ah?..

  3. our table where got that many ppl haha

    wai kit neck feel very pain that day. dunno why...

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  5. LOL omg you sound so traumatized. BTW, you should make a font! Your handwriting is so cute.

  6. Caroline Ng May Ling: CRAP!!! SORRY WAI KIT!! T_T_T_T_T I thought is Dan, cause I see him holding every time.

    Aujinz: MAGIC! :D:D:D hahaha Got stand behind!

    Ernest Ng: got la!!! hahah you got give him massage then? :P

    Scha Nazri : hahah T_T murderer not cute!

    ♥ Veyroniqa : Very. hahah I totally din't expect the head to come off ((⊙△⊙)) hahah Thank you! but I have very temperamental handwriting T_T

  7. so cute~

    too bad i miss the event >_<