Friday, November 1, 2013

Where Oh Where can my Sally be?


Paaaaaa, no one calls their calculator SALLY wan leh!! ( ̄□ ̄)
Do you name your stuffs?! And do you call out loud for them when you can't find them? Just curious. Cause my dad does...hahaha ..(●__●)

Hm...Should name all my stuffs ah pek. hahah Then I can go "Ohh ahhh peeekkk, where are you??" in front of my ah pek :D *laughs* I'm an annoying girlfriend.

p.s// Lemme know if you can't see the words. Will edit the pictures :)


  1. yea.. in our office we call our photoshat machine MUTHU, our air purifier COCO, refrigerator ALI. LOL

  2. You named all your soft toys laaaaaa

  3. LOL! So funny la!! Sally the calculator xDD

    Hmm I don't name my stuff....

  4. haha really funny illustration.... :D

  5. Muahahah~ this is so so so funny~ lol
    i love it!

  6. you're a great story teller in a way :) You can just easily put in a interesting twist in it. ^

  7. Ku-ru / KynkiGoh: LOL so humans man the names!

    Rocky: shhh!!!!

    Hayley: hahah she's very popular at home

    Mr Lonely: hahah :D if only she answers when we call her

    Aujinz: OH LOL! so special!! cus of colour?!

    glory chen : haha thnk u!

    Audrey Tiow: thank you! :D

    Tenshi Chn: haha actually it's cause i have funny ppl around me!