Saturday, March 1, 2014

Hands up if you like odangos!


I loveeeee odangos!!! (Hair buns?) 

So cute!! They look like paus...
On heads...
Or you know the soot spirits in totoro?
On heads also hahahah!!

Anyway I never did odango before because I have never ever had long hair (my hair now is the longest I ever had) and also cause I have sibeh lil/thinning hair T-T


But since am gonna cut my hair....  

“So it's today or nevah!!!!”

Other than the fact that odangos are cute, it's cause it also adds on to height !

 “But of course, reality is cruel.”


I'm happy over the fact that I manage to even make a half ass bun with my hair & it's staying on my head.

If any of u spot me today.


Just pretend u dint see me & my half ass bun hahaha


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