Sunday, May 4, 2014

Butterfly Project Walk-A-Thon

Butterfly Project walk-a-thon is a success I should say? Haha
It's a fund raising event & registration was full in a matter of days! 
So there was EXTRA a lot of people at TTDI park this morning! :D

Though, I have a feeling half the people came (of course not only to support the walk) but also for gong cha hahahaha!

Walking the park is just for fun :P
Only a few serious ppl will actually bother to do some real exercise or something ba.
Like ah pek lor... *cough* ran 9 *cough* rounds.
The main point / highlight was definitely the gong cha truck with the free gong cha drink that was in the goodie bag.
I Summore go & buy +1 extra drink for RM1. Hahahah ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Dammit !!

Long (ugly) drawing cut short.

Tengok ni ah pek of mine!! *ROAR*

In the end diedie also don't want to give my drink back to me!!

I fought for it ok.
Made him sipped faster only.
Summore I so short. How to reach?!
(Ah pek is 6 ft tall)

( ̄^ ̄)

So I'm stuck with his winter melon drink.
Not that it isn't nice. It's just too sweet for my liking. Bahhhh :<


  1. Those comic drawings are so cute... You created them? Thumbs Up!

  2. Hahaha, that's what I'd usually do to my boyfriend, steal his drink if it's better than mine! xD

  3. so cute!!! :) Happy to finally able to meet you in person on that day after how may times dealing on the net :) you are doing good job handling the registration <3 Arigato!

  4. So cute!!! Love the comics :-)

  5. Wahahaha.. so funny!

    I got 2 too! grapefruit & choco.
    Choco goes well wth yogood snack :)

  6. Haha, very cute la both of you!! XD

  7. hahaha.. cute la.. and i love ur drawing style! =)

  8. I never tried those like Salted Caramel Chocolate!

    My favourite has always been those tea type especially Jasmine Green Tea Signature! Since you said it's sooo good, I got to try it! ^^

  9. Angeline BK : Thank you :)

    Anonymous: Thank you!

    cheryl chan : same goes for food also right?! :D:D

    Illy Ariffin: Thank you!! you were so patient & kind to me! Your lil baby girl is sooo cute!!!

    lina: thank you ^^

    Jots Dots : wow! Goes well with snack?! hahah next time i will do that!

    Tammy Miu: hahah i love buttons!

    Anfield Yee: hahaha sakai couple :P

    JeanJune: thank you ^^

    Tenshi Chn : if you like chocolate, you will like the choc drink! I din't expect it to taste good as well! but of course, it's also because i like the milk foam a lot! :P

  10. Aww so cute!! and gosh i love your blog and comics! I've only discovered your blog today, so hello :)

    1. goodness! long overdue reply! Hello. Thank you for your kind words! :)