Saturday, April 11, 2015

#KLigraphy // Basic Calligraphy Workshop @ The Alphabet Press Studio SS2


Didn't know how Inez managed to fish the nib out, but she did!

Joined a calligraphy workshop hosted by inksandletters & inezcalligraphy recently.

Wrote about the workshop in detail about it here > DAYRE (#KLigraphy)

In a nutshell, the price might be a lil steep, but if you are truly interested to learn basic calligraphy (5 hours of writing is no joke)  I can ensure you, it will be fun! So long you truly have an interest in it! (*˘︶˘*)

Of course, it's an experience cause you will not only know the 2 amazing women behind the workshop (they are so so so friendly, kind & inspiring people) but you will also make know strangers that will become your friends after that 5 hours (you know, only they will be the one who truly understand the 5 hours of writing marathon LOL )

You can check out more of /sign up for her workshops here > Calligraphy Workshops